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Think Twice Before Downloading that “Free” File

Think Twice Before Downloading that “Free” File When was the last time you received something for free? Was it a water bottle with a logo prominently displayed on the side? Was it an app you downloaded without paying any money, but every time you load it, a ten second advertisement plays? Even

200 Cases Later Malibu Media LLC Lawsuits Continue in California

 200 Cases Later Malibu Media LLC Lawsuits Continue in California After filing more than 200 federal copyright infringement lawsuits, it is now safe to say that Malibu Media LLC has indeed committed itself to targeting people in the State of California. Malibu Media LLC is represented by attorney Brenna Elsie Erlbaum. Previously,

Malibu Media LLC – California, Illinois, New York & Virginia Updates

Malibu Media LLC‘s lawsuit activity appears to be on the upswing. In December, Malibu Media LLC filed 168 lawsuits against John Doe defendants in California, Illinois, New York, and Virginia. Virginia had been quiet since September. California’s 59 cases were filed in the following districts and dates:  Northern- 16 (filed Dec. 27),

Feds Considering Changes to Copyright Act Statutory Damages

U.S. Department of Commerce Proposes Changes to Statutory Damages Under the Copyright Act Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force issued a report proposing changes to the current statutory damages under the Copyright Act, “White Paper on Remixes, First Sale and Statutory Damages” In recent years, there has been
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