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Summons Issued for Arizona Alleged Downloaders of Fathers & Daughters Movie

Fathers & Daughters Nevada LLC is trying to show it is serious. After filing its copyright lawsuit back in April 2016, the company – which alleges internet users illegally downloaded the copyright film “Fathers & Daughters”  – has finally issued summons and filed an amended complaint on October 14 2016. Click here

Introducing Our Local Counsel for Nevada & Utah BitTorrent Copyright Defense

Antonelli Law is pleased to introduce our Nevada and Utah local counsel Byron L. Ames for our BitTorrent Copyright Defense Group. Byron is admitted to practice in the United States District Courts of the District of Nevada, Central District of Utah, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Byron will

Fathers and Daughters Nevada LLC Moves to Name and Serve in Texas

In the Southern District of Texas, attorneys for Fathers and Daughters Nevada LLC have asked the court to allow it to name the defendants and serve them in case number 16-cv-01315, where the defendants are now named as Does1–15, anonymous users participating in file-sharing swarm identified by hash ending in DC8F. Previously,

Follow Torrent Defenders on Twitter @TorrentDefender

Follow us on Twitter!  @TorrentDefender is the Twitter profile for Torrent Defenders, the online presence of the Antonelli Law BT Copyright Defense Group. We defend those accused by Malibu Media LLC and others of BT copyright infringement including LHF Productions, Fathers and Daughters Nevada, QOTD Film Investment, and more. We have defended
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