Strike 3 Holdings, LLC Continues to File Cases in Florida

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits for years alleging that defendants have illegally downloaded their adult films without the proper licensing fees using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent. Strike 3 Holdings case filings in Florida Recently, Strike 3 Holdings has filed numerous cases in Florida, specifically in Miami-Dade

Why Have I Received a Subpoena from Innovative Sports Management?

Innovative Sports Management, Inc. d/b/a Integrated Sports Media has filed federal copyright infringement lawsuits alleging the illegal viewing of pay per view events such as “Pre-Copa America 2019: El Salvador vs. Haiti” and “’Clash of the Cruiserweights’ Krzysztof Woldarczyk v. Grigory Drozd”. If you have received a subpoena from Innovative Sports Management, we can help. To schedule
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