Unsecured Wifi: Nothing is Truly Private

A Pennsylvania judge recently affirmed that a person connecting to another’s unsecured wifi does not have an expectation of privacy in that wireless connection. The defendant, who was suspected of downloading child pornography, challenged the police’s use of a tracking tool called “Moocherhunter,” which identifies the geo-location of hackers and individuals who

Wiley & Sons brings Dummy Lawsuits

BitTorrent suits alleging illegal download of movies, from Hollywood films like The Hurt Locker to accusations of numerous porn downloads, have been in the headlines for months. But film companies aren’t the only ones going after alleged downloaders. Ebook publisher Wiley and Sons has been more quietly suing alleged illegal downloaders as


Welcome to the Torrent Defenders blog, an online publication of Antonelli Law. Antonelli Law has recently expanded their practice to include the defense of those who are involved in BitTorrent lawsuits. Since 2003, Antonelli Law has been involved in computer law—and cases involving BitTorrent are a growing, and swiftly changing, aspect of
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