Interpreting Social Media Terms of Service

Social media can be a powerful tool for all kinds of messages—including citizen-level accounts of breaking news. Huge, newsworthy events on both national and international levels have broken on social media sites such as Twitter. And, for the most part, this kind of in-the-moment, 140-character relay of information has been a boon

Government Access to Digital Data

In light of the recent ruling that there’s no expectation of privacy in information transmitted over a wireless router, many people may be wondering how other online information is treated under the law. Techdirt recently posted a link to a useful Pro Publica guide to digital data and accessibility by law enforcement.*

Cease and Desist…or buy a license?

Copyright enforcement doesn’t always come in the form of a subpoena notice from an ISP. Often, copyright holders will send alleged infringers a cease and desist letter, indicating that they believe their rights are being infringed, and requesting that the activity stop, without communicating any demand for payment. This invites an opportunity
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