53 Additional Strike 3 Holdings Cases Filed in July

The new Strike 3 Holdings cases were filed in Florida, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania: 6:2021cv01180 2:2021cv06026 2:2021cv06032 2:2021cv06034 2:2021cv06035 2:2021cv06036 8:2021cv01262 8:2021cv01263 8:2021cv01264 2:2021cv01305 2:2021cv01306 2:2021cv01307 2:2021cv01309 2:2021cv01310 2:2021cv01311 3:2021cv05699 3:2021cv05702 3:2021cv05704 3:2021cv05707 4:2021cv05709 3:2021cv05711 3:2021cv05712 3:2021cv01335 3:2021cv00993 6:2021cv01181 6:2021cv01182 1:2021cv22711 1:2021cv22714 1:2021cv22716 1:2021cv22717 1:2021cv03827 1:2021cv03829 1:2021cv03833 1:2021cv03834 1:2021cv03867