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ME2 Productions Judge in Nevada Too Late: Settlement Demand Letters Despite ISP Subpoena Hold – Antonelli Law Defense & Information

Receive a Letter from Attorney Chaz Rainey About ME2 Productions? If you want to talk for free with a defense lawyer right away, use our confidential contact form or call us at 312-201-8310 nationwide. We’re the nation’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm, and our Las Vegas counsel is attorney Byron L.

“Free” Movie Download Lawsuits by WWE Studios Finance Corporation – Antonelli Law Legal Defense & Information

WWE Studios is Suing for Alleged Illegal Movie Downloads of the Movie “THE ELIMINATORS” WWE Studios Finance Corporation is suing internet account-holders in Nevada and Connecticut alleging they downloaded the movie “The Eliminators” without a license to do so. It alleges the movie was obtained using file-sharing technology known as BitTorrent, although

Nevada Internet Users Receive ME2 Productions Letters & “Waiver of Service of Summons” and Settlement Demands – Antonelli Law Help & Information

Have you received a letter from your ISP or from Hamrick & Evans attorney Chaz Rainey about the ME2 Productions  lawsuit? If so, you may have questions regarding your legal options about defending yourself, settlement, and something called “Waiver of Service of Summons”. Scroll down for more information about the movie downloading

Cell Film Holdings LLC Issues Summons on Nevada Internet Users For Movie Downloads

Cell Film Holdings LLC, the copyright holder for the movie “Cell” starring John Cusak and Samuel Jackson, is suing Nevada internet users for allegedly downloading the movie using file-sharing software over the internet in violation of the US Copyright Act. Summons has been issued by the District of Nevada federal court in

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits – Antonelli Law

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits Feeling confused or scared about receiving an ISP letter and subpoena? This FAQ page which will answer the questions: What is This About? What Happens Next? What Can I Do? This page also: Explains the Stages in the Life of a “John Doe” Lawsuit about alleged movie
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