LHF Productions Inc. Lawsuit Defendants Grows By More Than 300 in July


LHF Productions, Inc.  the copyright holder for the movie “London Has Fallen”, has filed lawsuits against more than 300 internet users in July alone for allegedly illegally downloading the movie from the internet. It appears that more than two thousand internet subscribers are currently being targeted in lawsuits by LHF Productions, Inc. across the country.


Click here for more information on the LHF Productions, Inc lawsuits. You may also find it helpful to read the non-attorney blogs about these type of lawsuits by Fight Copyright Trolls and Die Troll Die. In particular, while not written by a lawyer, the post “Copyright Troll Poker” – OR How To Survive This Troll “No-Limit” Game may be very helpful to understand the psychology and monetary and legal risks of being a defendant. Contact Antonelli Law through our contact form below if you have any questions about these articles.


If you are the account holder for an internet account, your name is linked to an IP address. If you receive a letter from your internet service provider (ISP) such as Comcast, Cox Communications, or Century Link, which informs you a subpoena was received to reveal your identity, click here to learn about motions to quash or call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 or use the contact form below.  Attorney Law’s attorneys are admitted to many federal courts from California to New York and in between. Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to the District Court of Colorado, the federal trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois, and others and can appear in federal court anywhere in the country. Antonelli Law has defended more than 1,500 clients accused of BitTorrent copyright litigation since 2011.

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The following NEW LHF Productions, Inc cases were filed in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Florida,  and other states

1 LHF Productions Incorporated (pla) azdce 2:2016-cv-02557 820 07/29/2016
2 LHF PRODUCTIONS, INC. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07673 820 07/29/2016
3 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07674 820 07/29/2016
4 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07675 820 07/29/2016
5 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07676 820 07/29/2016
6 LHF PRODUCTIONS, INC. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07677 820 07/29/2016
7 LHF PRODUCTIONS, INC. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07679 820 07/29/2016
8 LHF Productions, INC (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07680 820 07/29/2016
9 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07681 820 07/29/2016
10 LHF Productions, INC (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07684 820 07/29/2016
11 LHF PRODUCTIONS, INC. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07687 820 07/29/2016
12 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ilndce 1:2016-cv-07690 820 07/29/2016
13 LHF Productions Inc (pla) wawdce 2:2016-cv-01175 820 07/29/2016
14 LHF Productions Incorporated (pla) azdce 2:2016-cv-02550 820 07/28/2016
15 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) flmdce 8:2016-cv-02174 820 07/28/2016
16 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) flmdce 8:2016-cv-02173 820 07/28/2016
17 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) flmdce 8:2016-cv-02170 820 07/28/2016
18 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) flmdce 8:2016-cv-02172 820 07/28/2016
19 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) flmdce 8:2016-cv-02171 820 07/28/2016
20 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) nvdce 2:2016-cv-01803 820 07/28/2016
21 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) nvdce 2:2016-cv-01804 820 07/28/2016
22 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) codce 1:2016-cv-01916 820 07/27/2016
23 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ordce 3:2016-cv-01524 820 07/27/2016
24 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) codce 1:2016-cv-01867 820 07/21/2016
25 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) codce 1:2016-cv-01821 820 07/18/2016
26 LHF Productions, Inc. (pla) ordce 3:2016-cv-01441 820 07/16/2016
27 LHF Productions Inc (pla) wawdce 2:2016-cv-01089 820 07/15/2016
28 LHF Productions Inc (pla) wawdce 2:2016-cv-01090 820 07/15/2016

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