Automata Productions Inc. Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Downloaders


Automata Productions Inc. Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Downloaders

Automata Productions, Inc. has filed several federal copyright infringement lawsuits involving the film titled “Automata.” The film is about robots. The film was directed by Gabe Ibanez and features Antonio Banderas, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen and Dylan McDermott. The film was released in October 2014.

To date, Automata Productions, Inc. has only filed lawsuits in Oregon and Illinois. Three multiple Doe cases were filed in Illinois, targeting 55 total Does. Six single Doe lawsuits have been filed in Oregon.  The company is represented by Attorney Carl Crowell in Oregon and Attorney Michael Hierl in Illinois. Both attorneys have previously represented a number of other copyright holders in their respective jurisdictions jurisdiction, including Dallas Buyers Club LLC, Cobbler Nevada LLC and Glacier Films Inc.

Like other BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing cases, Automata Productions, Inc. accuses defendants of copyright infringement by using software and the internet to obtain the film “Automata” without paying the appropriate license fee.

Antonelli Law can help you nationwide if you have received an ISP letter informing you a subpoena for your identity was received, or if you are served with a summons or waiver of service.

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Antonelli Law is Very Experienced Defending BT Claims

Antonelli Law has represented over 1000 clients dealing with copyright trolls and satellite piracy trolls since 2011. We have gained a great deal of insight into what works and what is a waste of your time and money. We have no desire to have you spin your wheels with legal work that does not advance your defense and only racks up lawyer fees. However, we are experienced litigators and are prepared to defend clients vigorously. Either way, we will never put our interests ahead of your own.

A copy of a Automata Productions Inc. Complaint can be found here and is duplicated in the following cases:

District Court of Oregon

Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-01547
Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-00972
Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-00973
Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-00974
Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-00675
Automata Productions Inc. v. Doe 3:15-cv-00726

District Court of Illinois

Automata Productions Inc. v. Does 1-14 1:15-cv-06421
Automata Productions Inc. v. Does 1-19 1:15-cv-06423
Automata Productions Inc. v. Does 1-22 1:15-cv-06424







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