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Criminal Productions Inc. Case in Colorado Voluntarily Dismissed

In a rare Order granting a defendant’s Motion to Quash, the Colorado District Court stated that the subpoena issued July 13, 2016 to Comcast was quashed because “Plaintiff attached to the subpoena a spreadsheet containing information different than that on which the motion for early discovery was based.” Criminal Productions, Inc. then

Malibu Media LLC Enters Texas – All Hat, No Cattle?

Malibu Media LLC, the copyright holder of erotic films website is perhaps the nation’s most litigious pornographer, whom BNA Bloomberg stated: “files up to 40% of  all copyright claims in U.S. federal court.” And now, it has entered the Southern District of Texas, filing 21 copyright infringement lawsuits in just the

LHF Productions Inc. Lawsuit Defendants Grows By More Than 300 in July

LHF Productions, Inc.  the copyright holder for the movie “London Has Fallen”, has filed lawsuits against more than 300 internet users in July alone for allegedly illegally downloading the movie from the internet. It appears that more than two thousand internet subscribers are currently being targeted in lawsuits by LHF Productions, Inc.

Criminal Productions, Inc. Going After Century Link Subscribers in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Criminal Productions, Inc., the purported copyright holder to the movie “Criminal” is going after Century Link internet subscribers in Colorado Springs and a Comcast Cable internet subscriber in Littleton for allegedly downloading the movie without permission in violation of the US Copyright Act.  The case is Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-13
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