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Malibu Media LLC Files New Lawsuits after Three Month Hiatus

Malibu Media LLC Files New Lawsuits after Three Month Hiatus Malibu Media LLC recently filed new lawsuits against internet subscribers in New York, Connecticut and California. Malibu Media filed cases against 21 subscribers in the Southern District of New York and 11 subscribers in the District of Connecticut. Malibu is represented by

Criminal Productions, Inc. Going After Century Link Subscribers in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Criminal Productions, Inc., the purported copyright holder to the movie “Criminal” is going after Century Link internet subscribers in Colorado Springs and a Comcast Cable internet subscriber in Littleton for allegedly downloading the movie without permission in violation of the US Copyright Act.  The case is Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-13

Illinois Judge Grants Request by LHF Productions Inc Lawsuit to Issue ISP Subpoenas to Reveal Names of People Who Allegedly Downloaded “London Has Fallen” Using BitTorrent

On July 20, 2016 Northern District of Illinois federal judge Andrea Wood granted the request of LHF Productions, Inc. to issue subpoenas to Comcast Cable to reveal the names of Illinois internet subscribers who allegedly downloaded the movie “London Has Fallen.” Click here for the Order allowing ISP subpoenas issued by judge

LHF Productions, Inc. to Ask Illinois Judges to Allow Comcast ISP Subpoenas

In late June 2016, LHF Productions filed 12 new copyright lawsuits in the Northern District Court of Illinois against 315 defendants with each defendant being an unnamed “Doe.” On July 19 and 20th 2016, LHF Productions, Inc. filed motions before ten federal judges in the Northern District of Illinois requesting permission to

LHF Productions, Inc. Lawsuit Granted Court Order to issue ISP Subpoenas in Colorado

Colorado Comcast internet subscribers will soon be receiving ISP letters informing them a subpoena was received to reveal their identity in a lawsuit filed by LHF Productions, Inc. These Comcast subscribers live in Arvada, Aurora, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Denver, Lafayette, Longmont, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge.  Click here for the IP addresses of
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