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Strike 3 Holdings LLC Suing Californians for Free Porn Downloads – ISP Subpoena Defense

Strike 3 Holdings LLC , the movie company behind the adult entertainment brands Tushy, Vixen, and Blacked is suing California internet users for using computer file-sharing software to obtain its movie for free. Strike 3 Holdings has filed what appears to be a strengthening national litigation campaign with lawsuits filed in New

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits – Antonelli Law

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits Feeling confused or scared about receiving an ISP letter and subpoena? This FAQ page which will answer the questions: What is This About? What Happens Next? What Can I Do? This page also: Explains the Stages in the Life of a “John Doe” Lawsuit about alleged movie

Legal Help For Californians Sued by Malibu Media LLC for Movie Downloads

Malibu Media LLC, the producer of pornographic films on the website is aggressively suing a number of Californians under the US Copyright Act for allegedly downloading its movies for free from the internet. Most recently, Malibu Media LLC filed nearly 50 cases in the Northern District of California alone. Many of

Malibu Media LLC Sues Again in California – Antonelli Law is Ready to Defend You

Malibu Media LLC is a producer of pornographic films shown on its website, and an aggressive filer of copyright infringement lawsuits against thousands of people it believes downloaded its movies for free. And now it is filing many more in the Northern District of California. Antonelli Law has defended more than

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement Letter and Subpoena – Help!

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement  letter and Subpoena – Help! If you received a letter from Comcast or another Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a Subpoena, don’t the ignore it. Get ahead of the problem, talk with a lawyer. When you get a letter from Comcast informing you of copyright infringement allegations
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