New Video Series From Antonelli Law on BitTorrent Copyright Infringement Defense


New Video Series From Antonelli Law on BitTorrent Copyright Infringement Defense

After representing nearly 2,000 clients across the country facing BT copyright infringement and satellite piracy claims, Antonelli Law has developed a series of short videos explaining a number of issues that arise in this niche area of federal litigation.

We expect to produce more in the near future. If you need a free consultation with an Antonelli Law BT copyright defense attorney, be sure to fill out our contact form below!

Can I Fight a Copyright infringement Lawsuit?

Is a BT Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Serious?

How Do I Protect Myself from BitTorrent Copyright infringement Lawsuits?

Can I Throw My Computer Out If I am Sued?

Criminal Productions is Suing Me – Will I Go to Jail? (NO)

Malibu Media LLC

ME2 Productions Sent me a Letter Asking to Settle for Thousands of Dollars

How Much Will it Cost me To Settle a BT Copyright Lawsuit?

LHF Productions Lawsuit Defense

Can Antonelli Law Help Me Where I Live? (Yes, its Federal Law!)

How Can I Avoid Being Sued for BT Copyright Infringement?

What to Do? Speak with a Lawyer Experienced With BT Copyright Litigation

Antonelli Law has represented over 2,000 clients targeted in BT Copyright Infringement and Satellite Piracy lawsuits from coast to coast. Over 500 clients sued by Malibu Media LLC alone!    There is no law firm in the country more experienced in this niche practice area than Antonelli Law.

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