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Attorney Mark Geragos Goes After Flava Works

Sometimes, Flava Works goes after the wrong person.

According to a California complaint, Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher tried to extort “an entertainment industry figure” for more than $150,000.

A lawsuit filed by the firm of famous California attorney Mark Geragos is alleging extortion and requesting a federal court issue a declaration of non-infringement as to their client, whom Flava Works accused of illegally obtaining their copyrighted gay porn films and distributing them online.

Before the lawsuit was filed, the lawsuit alleges, Flava Works threatened a press release and public litigation naming him a defendant in a gay porn lawsuit. The $150,000 settlement demand was chosen in light of the purported defendant’s “status, his career, and his wealth”.

You can view the lawsuit here:


Doe v Flava Works Complaint


Prenda Law, the infamous copyright troll litigation law firm, got itself into great trouble with federal authorities because it could not keep itself from digging a deeper hole for itself.

Apparently, so has Flava Works.

Anyone interested in watching the hearings in this case should note it is located in Los Angeles, at 312 N. Spring Street, Room G-8

We will be watching this lawsuit involving famous California attorney Mark Geragos against Flava Works.

We know of many people who have made similar complaints about Flava Works and it will be interesting to to see how this lawsuit pans out.

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