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Malibu Media LLC Sues More Texas Internet Users for Movie Downloads – Information and Help From Antonelli Law

Malibu Media LLC, the producer of pornographic films on the website is suing a number of internet users in Texas under the US Copyright Act for allegedly downloading its movies for free from the internet. The first round of lawsuits were filed on February 10th and the second round of lawsuits

ME2 Productions Inc Targets Colorado Comcast Subscribers in Court -Information and Help from Antonelli Law

ME2 Productions Inc. , the copyright holder of the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, and Tommy Lee Jones are suing Comcast Cable internet subscribers in Colorado federal court alleging they illegally downloaded the movie for free. The movie’s plot involves rescuing Jessica Alba’s character when she is kidnapped. What

ME2 Productions Inc. Sues Internet Users in Virginia Over Movie Downloads – Legal Information from Antonelli Law

ME2 Productions Inc. , the movie company holding the copyright to the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones is filing multiple federal lawsuits in Virginia against internet subscribers it alleges illegally downloaded its movie for free. The movie’s plot includes rescuing Jessica Alba’s character who is kidnapped. The

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits – Antonelli Law

FAQ – Movie Download Lawsuits Feeling confused or scared about receiving an ISP letter and subpoena? This FAQ page which will answer the questions: What is This About? What Happens Next? What Can I Do? This page also: Explains the Stages in the Life of a “John Doe” Lawsuit about alleged movie

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement Letter and Subpoena – Help!

I received a Comcast Copyright Infringement  letter and Subpoena – Help! Did you receive a copyright infringement notice from your internet service provider (ISP) and a subpoena for the illegal download of movies? Learn the Three Options Each Defendant Has When Receiving an ISP Subpoena – Plus Learn Extensive Background Information on
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