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Strike 3 Holdings LLC Adds DC to Lawsuit Campaign – ISP Subpoena Defense

STRIKE 3 HOLDINGS ISP Subpoena: STRIKE 3 HOLDINGS , the movie company behind the adult entertainment brands Tushy, Vixen, and Blacked is suing DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (WASHINGTON, DC), CALIFORNIA, CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, MICHIGAN, AND PENNSYLVANIA area users for using computer file-sharing software to obtain its movie for free. Did you

Strike 3 Holdings LLC Sues New Yorkers for “Free” Porn Downloads– ISP Subpoena Defense

Movie company Strike 3 Holdings LLC is suing many people in New York, New Jersey,  as well as California, Connecticut, and Michigan for allegedly downloading its movies using file-sharing technology called BitTorrent. Set up a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case, or keep reading below for more information on what
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