Antonelli Law’s Attorneys in Chicago and Around the Country for BitTorrent Copyright Defense


Antonelli Law: Attorneys in Chicago and Around the Country for BitTorrent Copyright Defense

A lot of movie companies are suing parents and internet subscribers for copyright infringement. Most often, the company alleges that the internet was used with file sharing software called BitTorrent and sometimes with software called PopcornTime to obtain the movie for free. BitTorrent Copyright Defense Attorneys like those at Antonelli Law concentrate in helping people defend themselves in these kinds of cases nationwide.

To fight these federal copyright lawsuits effectively and affordably, for the past 6 years Antonelli Law has developed a team of local attorneys in many of the states the movie companies are filing file-sharing lawsuits in. Clients benefit from Antonelli Law’s years of creating effective and efficient defense strategies, while also having a local attorney nearby, just in case an immediate court hearing is necessary.

We wanted to share our trusted local counsel as well as the recent movies being sued over in federal courthouses across the country. Just scroll down below. If you would like a free consultation to help you decide whether to try to settle, to fight the lawsuit, or if you need more information about filing\e a motion to quash the subpoena call us at 312-201-8310 or use the contact form here. And if you have a moment take a look at our trusted attorneys below  from the west coast, the midwest, and the east coast. They are here to help you.

Want to Talk to Antonelli Law About A Movie Download Lawsuit? Free Consultations

If you want to talk for free with Antonelli Law to discuss a BitTorrent copyright infringement lawsuit, please use our contact form or call us at 312-201-8310 nationwide. We’re the nation’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm.

List of Movies US Internet Users Are Being Sued For Allegedly Sharing on the internet

We recommend that parents share this list with their computer-using children and talk with them about the dangers of streaming or downloading movies “for free”.

Links to each for more information are included below.

Antonelli Law copyright defense attorneys represents people targeted in ISP subpoenas and lawsuits nationwide. In fact, over the past 6 years we have represented nearly 2,000 clients from lawsuits filed by more than 50 different movie companies from Hawaii to New York. I We help people resolve this in a number of ways after a free, full consultation such as anonymous settlement, motion to quash the subpoena, motions to dismiss, and vigorous lawsuit defense.

Antonelli Law’s Local Counsel –  Nationwide Defense Practice

Antonelli Law Defense Attorneys and Local Counsel Are Admitted to the District Courts Nearly Wherever Movie Lawsuits Are Filed From Coast to Coast.


Jeffrey Antonelli
Attorney Jefferey Antonelli

Jeffrey Antonelli Jurisdictions: Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, and others through pro hac vice

v Does 1-
Attorney Melissa Brabender

Melissa Brabender: Illinois and Nationwide through pro hac vice admission

Nevada & Utah

Byron L. Ames

v Does 1-
Byron L Ames Nevada & Utah local counsel BitTorrent Copyright Defense for Antonelli Law

Maryland, Washington DC

Mark Del Bianco

v Does 1-
Attorney Mark Del Bianco is Antonelli Law’s Maryland local counsel for Maryland and Washington DC

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Leslie Farber

v Does 1-
Leslie Farber – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania


Peter Glazer

Virginia copyright defense attorney Peter Glazer
Virginia copyright defense attorney Peter Glazer


Tristan C. Robinson

v Does 1-
Southern District of Texas

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When an ISP Sends You a Letter About Copyright Infringement

When a movie company decides to sue internet users in a federal district court, they must first ask the court for permission to subpoena the internet users’ identities from their ISPs. The ISPs like Comcast, COX Communications, AT&T, or Time Warner, send letters informing their subscribers that their identity has been subpoenaed by the movie company alleging copyright infringement, and gives the subscribers a period of time to challenge the subpoena, something called a motion to quash the subpoena.

If the subpoena is upheld, once the ISP turns over the internet users’ identities, they will be immediately served with a court summons and a copy of the lawsuit, or more often they will receive a settlement demand letter from a law firm hired by the movie company requesting thousands of dollars in payment.


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