Strike 3 Holdings: One Client’s Experience


Strike 3 Holdings LLC distributes adult films through the subscription-based websites Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy. The company is alleging that defendants used file-sharing software like BitTorrent to download their adult content illegally.

Here’s what one of our clients recently posted on AVVO about their experience in receiving a Strike 3 Holdings subpoena and working with Antonelli Law:

Highly Recommend Mr. Antonelli!
5.0 stars
October 18, 2018

My husband and I recently became aware of a suit brought against us by Strike Three Holdings. We were instantly overwhelmed, confused and frightful of how this could affect our family and whether this would destroy us financially.

After a Google search, we stumbled upon Mr. Antonelli’s practice and noticed that he had extensive experience in this area of law. We contacted him to help us navigate this issue, and translate the complicated complaint against us.

He made himself available immediately (over the weekend), and answered all of our questions in a timely and clear manner. He was knowledgeable on the exact issue we were facing and had several ideas on how to resolve it. After considering all the options we had, we decided to attempt to settle.

Our goal was to experience the least amount of hardship to our finances and stress on our family life. He told us what to expect during the process, and the best/worst outcomes possible, so that we were not shocked at any point. He was timely with his communications to Plaintiff’s counsel, and resilient in his efforts to help us.

I am happy, but more so relieved that he was able to get this resolved, with a favorable outcome for us, in less than two weeks.

Mr. Antonelli might be an experienced attorney, who will get the best results possible, but he is a kind human being first, and that was an essential feature in helping our family. His staff was polite, responsive and very supportive.

I am grateful that we hired him to help us through this challenging and highly stressful ordeal. Like his paralegal told me in an email “Put him in charge, and let him do him magic!”. She was absolutely accurate in that statement! I would highly recommend him, with no reservation, to anyone who needs legal representation.

Why It’s Important to Speak to an Attorney About Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Subpoena

Strike 3 Holdings has filed thousands of copyright infringement claims and every defendant’s situation varies. This is why it’s best to discuss your case with an experienced ISP subpoena defense law firm, such as Antonelli Law.

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This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case against Strike 3 Holdings. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website’s Strike 3 Holdings page.


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