One Woman Fights Back as Malibu Media Files Lawsuit in Texas


Malibu Media lawsuits allege that defendants have illegally downloaded their adult content, often using BitTorrent software.

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Malibu Media is a company that produces adult content for the website and is actively filing lawsuits across the country. They have filed thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits to date.

Texas Woman Fights Malibu Media Lawsuit

Jenna Howard from Houston, Texas is fighting back against her Malibu Media lawsuit. When Ms. Howard refused to pay the settlement offered, the pressure was significantly increased and she received spreadsheets alleging even further download activity connected to her IP address.

The downloads amounted to over 54,000 torrents in recent years, some titled in languages Ms. Howard does not speak. This averages out to about 31 items downloaded every day for the last four years, including 31 downloads on her wedding day and an average of 22 downloads per day while she was on her honeymoon overseas. Ms. Howard’s attorney believes that these allegations point to either an issue with the data gathered by Malibu Media or that Ms. Howard’s IP address was hacked.

According to her attorneys, “Malibu’s shoddy research simply does not support the implication that Ms. Howard illegally downloaded the pornographic movies that are the subject of this suit, as well as an additional 54,000 other, unrelated, downloads.”

The defense further argues that Malibu Media’s efforts are a textbook case of discovery abuse.

In situations similar to Ms. Howards, it is possible that filing a motion to quash is a viable option. Filing a motion to quash the subpoena means that you are claiming Malibu Media lacks sufficient evidence for their case. Inaccuracies with the geographical information gathered by the company’s geolocation technology have led some cases to be filed in the wrong court and subsequently quashed. If it seems possible that there is a problem with the evidence provided in your case or if you live in a different jurisdiction than where the lawsuit was filed, filing a motion to quash may be a viable option.

Other Malibu Media Lawsuit Options

  1. Settle anonymously: You can resolve your case and remain anonymous by agreeing on a financial settlement before your ISP releases your name. Settling with an experienced copyright defense law firm, such as Antonelli Law, means you will be protected from any further attempts to obtain more money in the future for any supposed download activity that occurred before the settlement date.
  2. Fight it in court: Choose an experienced law firm like Antonelli Law to fight your case in court. As experienced copyright infringement defense attorneys, we understand the technology involved in these cases and are well-equipped to defend you. Our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

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