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Oregon attorney Carl Crowell has filed several copyright lawsuits in California on behalf of several copyright holders, LHF Productions Inc. and Criminal Productions Inc., alleging that an unnamed “Doe” defendant used BitTorrent to illegally file-share the films “London Has Fallen” and “Criminal.” The lawsuit alleges that LHF Productions Inc. and Criminal Productions Inc., are both affiliates of Nu Image, Inc. /Millennium Films, Inc.  Millennium Films, Inc. is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, represented by its General Counsel Dimiter Nikolov.

It is unusual for more than one copyright holder to be joined as plaintiff in a single complaint.

The complaint alleges that the defendant was observed on over 350 occasions by plaintiffs’ investigator Maverickeye through direct TCP/IP connection as distributing plaintiffs’ motion pictures.

In order to find out the identity of the unnamed Doe defendant, plaintiffs LHF Productions, Criminal Productions, and Millenium Films will need to ask the court for permission to issue a subpoena to the ISP internet provider to reveal the identity of the defendant.  Usually something called a motion to quash is mentioned in the letter. Click here to learn about motions to quash in these type of lawsuits.

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2:16-cv-04716 Millenium Films Inc, LHF Productions Inc, Criminal Productions Inc. v. DOE-

2:16-cv-04718 Millenium Films Inc, LHF Productions Inc, Criminal Productions Inc. v. Doe-


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