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HEADHUNTER LLC ISP Subpoena : HEADHUNTER LLC , the movie company behind the Gerard Butler and Alison Brie movie “A FAMILY MAN” is suing NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS users for using computer file-sharing software to obtain its movie for free.

Did you receive a copyright infringement notice from your internet service provider (ISP), and a subpoena from HEADHUNTER LLC for the illegal download of the movie, ‘A FAMILY MAN’? Don’t panic, we’re here to help.

Why Did I Receive a Subpoena from HEADHUNTER LLC?

The HEADHUNTER LLC subpoena probably relates to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit. Essentially, HEADHUNTER LLC is alleging that someone in the home or office illegally downloaded A FAMILY MAN produced using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent without paying a license fee.

Set up a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case, or keep reading below for more information on what you can expect from your case with HEADHUNTER LLC.

What Do I Do About My HEADHUNTER LLC ISP Subpoena?

Firstly and most importantly- don’t ignore it! You have a limited amount of time to decide what to do; the longer you leave it, the fewer choices you’ll have. Typically, you have anywhere from two weeks to one month after receiving the ISP letter and HEADHUNTER LLC subpoena to decide what to do.

Secondly, deleting anything could make the penalties worse, don’t try to hide anything.

Don’t Sign Anything Before Speaking with a Copyright Defense Attorney

If you receive a Waiver of Service of Summons form in the mail, don’t sign it before speaking with an experienced attorney. Signing the Waiver of Service of Summons form you received in the mail from the movie company’s lawyer will in some cases lead to an unfair default or consent judgments against you.

Speaking with an experienced attorney with a background in ISP subpoena defense can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed. Antonelli Law provides free copyright infringement consultations to those NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS users being sued by HEADHUNTER LLC.

If you want to read more about recent cases of ISP users in copyright infringement allegation lawsuits, consider this article by Jeffrey Antonelli about “copyright troll” litigation, published by the Illinois State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Section. It speaks to our experience in this field of litigation.

Once you’ve spoken to an experienced ISP Subpoena Defense Attorney, you’ll understand your specific case better, but generally, you have three options:

Defendants’ Options for the HEADHUNTER LLC Copyright Infringement Claims:

  • Resolve the case anonymously
  • File a motion to quash before it gets to court
  • Prepare to fight your case in court

Antonelli Law knows how to help you figure out the best action for your subpoena defense and the HEADHUNTER LLC Copyright Infringement Claims. We’re the nation’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm, with a record of having helped nearly 2,000 people across the country accused of downloading movies over the internet in the types of lawsuits such as the one brought by HEADHUNTER LLC against NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS users over the movie “A FAMILY MAN”.

Contact us to see which option is best for your HEADHUNTER LLC case.

Resolving Your HEADHUNTER LLC Copyright Infringement Case Anonymously

The easiest and most common way to resolve your HEADHUNTER LLC case is out of court. Choosing this option allows you to settle anonymously. At Antonelli Law, we charge a flat legal fee of somewhere between $750 – $1,000 for anonymous settlements.

Filing a Motion to Quash the HEADHUNTER LLC Subpoena You Received

The motion to quash argues that the lawsuit’s complaints claiming copyright infringement only claim a few ‘bits’ of data were transmitted by the IP address and user in question, therefore they do not provide enough evidence to make a claim on copyright infringement, and the court should throw out the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by HEADHUNTER LLC due to deficiency, then the court should also quash the subpoena for the user in question. At Antonelli Law, we offer a flat rate for filing motions to quash a subpoena.

This option is not without risks. Contact Antonelli’s experienced ISP subpoena defense lawyers to discuss this option further.

Preparing to Fight Your HEADHUNTER LLC Case in Court

When choosing to fight a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against you by HEADHUNTER LLC, for the illegal downloading of the move “A FAMILY MAN”, Antonelli Law should be your first choice for defense.

We have local counsel coast to coast, to help us efficiently settle or fight lawsuits brought against our clients. We offer free consultations where we explain what you can expect when fighting this copyright infringement lawsuit from HEADHUNTER LLC in court. After that, we charge an hourly fee.

There are many defense standpoints from which we can tenaciously work to fight the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against Internet users by HEADHUNTER LLC over Gerard Butler and Alison Brie movie, “A FAMILY MAN”. One of the most common forms of defense is claiming that the user who transmitted the data for the movie “A FAMILY MAN” through a BitTorrent is not the user at this IP address.

This is a strong defense because the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against the defendant assumes that the defendant used their own IP address to transmit the data for the movie. However, hackers often disguise their IP addresses when illegally transmitting data online, so in many cases, the defendant is not at fault and did not commit copyright infringement by downloading “A FAMILY MAN” over a bit torrent.

Why Choose Antonelli Law as Your Experienced ISP Subpoena Defense Law Firm in NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS?

  • We offer fair and competitive prices, which are no more expensive than hiring a local NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA or TEXAS attorney, and we are able to represent you in your federal case. Most local attorneys simply do not have experience in this niche practice area.
  • This area of law is fast paced and changes happen rapidly, so we are continuously following the latest developments in cases nationwide
  • We have years of experience representing ISP users accused of Bit Torrent copyright infringement and helping to resolve nearly 2000 cases
  • We have strong credentials standing behind our arguments and the other side is well aware of this
  • We understand the panic or anxiety you may feel at receiving a copyright infringement lawsuit from HEADHUNTER LLC over the movie “A FAMILY MAN”, and we are experienced in helping NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS users make calm, informed decisions throughout this process

Ready to take the first step in resolving the HEADHUNTER LLC) copyright infringement allegations brought against NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA & TEXAS users over the movie, “A FAMILY MAN”?

Contact us today.

The Case Numbers for the HEADHUNTER LLC Copyright Infringement Claims are:

New York:
• Headhunter LLC v. Doe- et al 1:17-cv-06328
• Headhunter LLC v. Doe- et al 1:17-cv-08375
• Headhunter LLC v. Doe- et al 1:17-cv-05177
• Headhunter LLC v. Doe- et al 1:17-cv-05895
• Headhunter LLC v. Does 1:17-cv-05314 et al
• Headhunter LLC v. Does 1:17-cv-0415569.124.0.132 et al

Headhunter, LLC v. Doe 1:17-cv-10049
North Carolina:
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1-8 1:17-cv-00545
• Headhunter LLC v Does 3:17-cv-00342
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1-11 5:17-cv-00325
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1 et al 5:17-cv-00318
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1-9 5:17-cv-00310
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1-9 5:17-cv-00296
• Headhunter LLC v Does 1-10 2:17-cv-00029
• Headhunter LLC v John Does 1-11 2:17-cv-02986
• Headhunter LLC v John Does 1-10 2:17-cv-02985
• Headhunter LLC v. Does 1-17 4:17-cv-02352
• Headhunter, LLC v. Does 1-9 5:17-cv-00069
• Headhunter LLC v Doe- 1:17-cv-0079

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