Copyright Holders Celebrate Spring by Suing Hundreds of People Nationwide


Copyright Holders Celebrate Spring by Suing Hundreds of People Nationwide

Every year, March brings with it many things – spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, and the NCAA basketball tournament – but unfortunately this year a fourth item has come forward: hundreds of BitTorrent Copyright cases filed nationwide this month alone. Most of the cases are, as usual, single Doe Malibu Media LLC cases which have been filed in California, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the full list of Malibu Media LLC filings.

In addition to the Malibu Media LLC cases, a number of cases have been filed for main-stream films as well:

  • In California, the following three single-Doe Dallas Buyer’s Club LLC Cases were filed last week:
    • 3:16-cv-01164-JSC
    • 4:16-cv-01166-DMR
    • 3:16-cv-01168-EDL
  • In Colorado, we saw filings from three different copyright holders in multi-Doe cases:
  • In Michigan, Fathers and Daughters LLC filed three additional cases in the Eastern District of Michigan against a total of 43 John Doe Defendants:
    • 4:16-cv-10785-TGB-APP
    • 2:16-cv-10910-LVP-MKM
    • 4:16-cv-10751-TGB-APP
  • New York so far in March has only seen one BitTorrent Copyright case this month, filed by QOTD Film Investment Ltd., which owns the copyright to Queen of the Desert:
    • 1:16-cv-01902-RJS
  • Washington State also saw a new filing by QOTD Film Investment Ltd., 2:16-cv-00371, as well as a Microsoft Corporation multi-Doe case, filed against 10 defendants: 2:16-cv-00328-RSM.
  • Finally, in Oregon, Elargo Holdings filed one case against a number of John Doe Defendants, 3:16-cv-431-SB.

Accountholders  who pay the internet bill at home may expect to receive a notice from their Internet Service Provider at the end of April and beginning of May. This means that if you’ve been using BitTorrent recently, you can still enjoy your office bracket pool or finish drinking your Daiquiri on the beach. However, be prepared for the potential ripple of allegedly illegal downloads to come through in the coming weeks.

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List of Malibu Filings

Northern District of California

3:16-cv-00989-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00990-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00991-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00993-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00994-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00995-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00996-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00997-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00998-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01000-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01001-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01002-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01003-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01004-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01005-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01006-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01007-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01008-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01009-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01010-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01011-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01012-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01013-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01014-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01016-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01017-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01018-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-01019-WHA ND.CA            Malibu Media

3:16-cv-00599-MMA-BLM  ND.CA  Malibu Media


Washington, DC

1:16-cv-00429-JDB-GMH     D.DC.  Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00430-CRC   D.DC.  Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00431-RDM D.DC.  Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00432-ABJ    D.DC.  Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00433-CRC   D.DC.  Malibu Media


8:16-cv-00639-DKC   D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00641-RDB   D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00642-TDC   D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00643-DKC   D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00644-PWG D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00645-GJH    D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00646-RDB   D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00647-JKB    D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00648-ELH   D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00649-ELH   D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00650-PWG D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00651-TDC   D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00652-WMN D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00653-PJM    D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00655-GJH    D.MD. Malibu Media

8:16-cv-00656-RWT D.MD. Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00657-MJG   D.MD. Malibu Media

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

2:16-cv-01045-RK      ED.PA.       Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01046-CDJ    ED.PA.      Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01051-NIQA   ED.PA.    Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01056-MSG   ED.PA.      Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01055-JD       ED.PA.       Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01052-GEKP ED.PA.      Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01054-MSG   ED.PA.      Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01053-TJS     ED.PA.       Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01047-NIQA   ED.PA.   Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01057-GEKP ED.PA.     Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01048-CMR ED.PA.       Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01058-ER  ED.PA.           Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01050-MMB ED.PA.     Malibu Media

2:16-cv-01049-CMR ED.PA.      Malibu Media

Eastern District of Virginia

1:16-cv-00252-AJT-MSN      ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00251-GBL-TCB      ED.VA.            Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00253-GBL-IDD       ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00254-CMH-JFA      ED.VA.          Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00249-CMH-JFA      ED.VA.          Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00245-LO-JFA          ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00246-TSE-TCB       ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00248-TSE-MSN      ED.VA.          Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00247-TSE-IDD        ED.VA.          Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00250-CMH-IDD      ED.VA.        Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00256-GBL-MSN     ED.VA.          Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00257-AJT-JFA        ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00258-LO-TCB         ED.VA.           Malibu Media

1:16-cv-00255-TSE-TCB       ED.VA.           Malibu Media

Malibu Media LLC California cases are the most recent phenomenon. Malibu Media LLC Maryland, Malibu Media LLC Washington DC, and Malibu Media LLC Virginia are resurging after some time off.

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