Comcast Sending Subpoena Notices re PTG Nevada LLC Lawsuit


Comcast Sending Subpoena Notices re PTG Nevada LLC Lawsuit

This week many northern Illinois Comcast internet subscribers are receiving notices by mail informing them a subpoena  from a federal copyright lawsuit was received by Comcast to reveal their identity. This lawsuit was filed by PTG Nevada LLC alleging that hundreds of people illegally downloaded the film “Pay The Ghost” featuring  Nicholas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies. Use of the BitTorrent software protocol or similar P2P file-sharing software is alleged to have been used.

Now is the time to research and decide whether you want to fight the lawsuit, settle anonymously through an attorney, file a motion to quash the subpoena (aka “vacate” the subpoena), or even to ignore the letter and any following settlement demand letters the lawyers representing PTG Nevada LLC may mail you. Important note: NEVER ignore being served with summons! Immediately consult with an attorney.  Please read the following FAQs or caveats regarding filing motions to quash. 

We Can Help

For immediate advice and a free initial consultation call attorney Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 or fill out our simple contact page or email us with a request to call you back at a time that is convenient for you. We understand the shock you may be feeling from receiving a notice of this action, and have the experience to help you deal with this in the best way possible for you. Attorney referrals accepted.

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More Information on Defending These Lawsuits

A recent law article on the rise of “John Doe” lawsuits alleging BitTorrent copyright infringement can be found here for more information. Additionally, several blogs can be helpful for those dealing with this kind of lawsuit for the first time: and Both bloggers offer information and advice resulting from their being wrongfully accused of BitTorrent copyright infringement. Neither of those bloggers are lawyers and do not offer legal advice, but can be extremely good resources if you are feeling panicked.

The following are case docket numbers of the PTG Nevada LLC lawsuits filed in the Northern Illinois District Court:

District Court of Illinois

PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-34 1:16-cv-01611
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-25 1:16-cv-01614
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-24 1:16-cv-01621
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-26 1:16-cv-01624
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-22 1:16-cv-01628
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-28 1:16-cv-01633
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-25 1:16-cv-01637
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-31 1:16-cv-01645
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-29 1:16-cv-01651
PTG Nevada LLC v. Does 1-25 1:16-cv-01655



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