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We File Motions to Quash Subpoenas – Free Consultation With Antonelli Law Defense

You’re a target of a movie downloading lawsuit. Your first notification will be from your internet company (like Comcast). The notice will tell you the movie company subpoenaed it to release your name and address. The subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings,  ME2 Productions, Malibu Media LLC, Bodyguard Productions, or another company is

ME2 Productions Inc Targets More Colorado Comcast Subscribers in Court -Information and Help from Antonelli Law

ME2 Productions Inc. , the copyright holder of the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, and Tommy Lee Jones are suing Comcast Cable internet subscribers in Colorado federal court alleging they illegally downloaded the movie for free. The movie’s plot involves rescuing Jessica Alba’s character when she is kidnapped. What

More Hawaiian Telecom Users Sued by I.T. Productions LLC Over “IT” Movie Downloads – Antonelli Law

I.T. Productions LLC – the movie company behind the movie “I.T” starring Pierce Brosnan, James Frecheville and Anna Friel –  is suing even more Hawaiian Telecom users alleging they illegally downloaded the movie for free. The movie company has been filing similar movie download copyright lawsuits on the mainland for several months.

More than 300 Chicago Internet Users Sued by ME2 Productions for “Mechanic: Resurrection” Movie Downloads – Antonelli Law

ME2 Productions Inc. , the movie company holding the copyright to the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones, has filed a staggering number of federal lawsuits in the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago alleging more than 300 internet subscribers illegally downloaded its movie for free. The movie

Pennsylvania Internet Users Sued by Criminal Productions Inc for Movie Downloads – Information and Help From Antonelli Law

Criminal Productions Inc. is suing internet users alleging they used BitTorrent to illegally download the movie “Criminal” starring Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds. 5 internet users were sued between February 15th. Previously, the movie company filed a similar lawsuit against 5 internet users in 2016. Who is Criminal Productions Inc? Criminal Productions
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