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Strike 3 Holdings is a company that produces adult movies under the titles Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US, and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case against Strike 3 Holdings. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website’s Strike 3 Holdings page.

Strike 3 Holdings is filing lawsuits against defendants across the U.S., including in Michigan.

Strike 3 Holdings in Michigan

Strike 3 Holdings has recently filed seven federal lawsuits in the Western District of Michigan alleging defendants have illegally downloaded their content using BitTorrent software.

BitTorrent breaks a file into small segments so that it can be distributed to other users. After those users download all of the segments it automatically reassembles them into the original file.

The company is asking for permission to obtain the names of these “John Doe” defendants who are currently only identified by their IP addresses. Attorney Joel Bernier from Shelby Township, Michigan wrote in one of the complaints, “Defendant is, in a word, stealing these works on a grand scale.” Three of these anonymous defendants live in Grand Rapids, while the others are spread across Bellevue, Big Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Rapid City in Kalkaska County.

To determine the IP address and location of these defendants Strike 3 Holdings reportedly uses technology from the company Maxmind Inc. to trace IP addresses to a physical address. The stated objective of these lawsuits is to deter users from infringing on the company’s copyrighted works.

Options for Your Strike 3 Holdings Case

  1. An anonymous settlement: You can anonymously resolve the lawsuit by agreeing on a financial settlement with the plaintiff before your ISP releases your name. However you will be responsible for paying the determined amount regardless of whether you feel you should have to. By settling with Antonelli Law, you can make sure you are protected from any additional lawsuits for supposed download activity that happened prior to the settlement date.
  2. Filing a motion to quash: You can file a motion to quash essentially arguing that the case against you does not present sufficient merit. This option is most viable in certain circumstances such as if the lawsuit was filed in a different district than where you live. It is still possible for the company to file an amended lawsuit after the motion has been granted.
  3. Fighting the case in court: You could fight the lawsuit in court with an experienced ISP subpoena defense firm like Antonelli Law. This particular field of the law is ever-changing and complex. Our attorneys regularly follow the latest updates and are experienced with fighting these copyright infringement cases.

Contact us at 312-201-8310 to schedule your free consultation today or visit our Strike 3 Holdings page for more information.

Michigan Strike 3 Holdings v. Doe:

  • 2:17-cv-13279
  • 2:17-cv-13280
  • 2:17-cv-13281
  • 2:17-cv-13282
  • 2:17-cv-13283
  • 1:17-cv-01000
  • 1:17-cv-01001
  • 1:17-cv-01002
  • 1:17-cv-01003
  • 1:17-cv-01005
  • 2:17-cv-14013
  • 2:17-cv-14014
  • 2:17-cv-14015
  • 2:17-cv-14016
  • 2:17-cv-14017
  • 2:17-cv-14018
  • 2:17-cv-14019
  • 2:17-cv-14020
  • 2:17-cv-14021
  • 2:17-cv-14022
  • 2:17-cv-14023
  • 2:17-cv-14024
  • 2:17-cv-14025
  • 2:17-cv-14012
  • 2:18-cv-10092
  • 2:18-cv-10093
  • 2:18-cv-10094
  • 2:18-cv-10095
  • 2:18-cv-10096
  • 2:18-cv-10097
  • 2:18-cv-10098
  • 2:18-cv-10099
  • 2:18-cv-10100
  • 2:18-cv-10101
  • 2:18-cv-10102
  • 2:18-cv-10103
  • 2:18-cv-10104
  • 2:18-cv-10105

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