Should You Settle with Strike 3 Holdings?


Should I settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

One of the most common questions we get is if a client should settle with Strike 3 Holdings.

Ultimately, of course, that answer is up to you. We’ve helped hundreds of people settle, but we have also helped our clients aggressively fight back in court. Occasionally, if it’s right for the case, we’ve also helped our clients file a Motion to Quash.

The pros of settling with Strike 3 Holdings:

  1. Your case typically gets resolved quicker
  2. Your case is resolved anonymously from public records
  3. We can ensure that you (not just your IP address) are released so that Strike 3 Holdings can’t sue you again for other supposed download activity that happened before the settlement agreement

The cons of settling with Strike 3 Holdings:

Of course, the con of settling with Strike 3 Holdings is that you will have to pay a settlement fee to them regardless of whether or not you feel you should have to pay up.

How much does a settlement with Strike 3 Holdings cost?

It depends on a number of factors, including how many illegal downloads you are being accused of. Typically, Strike 3 Holdings requests about $750/movie, however, the maximum amount requested tends to top out around $50,000.

How we can help you with your Strike 3 Holdings settlement:

We aggressively negotiate the best settlement on your behalf. The negotiations vary based on several factors, but average settlements tend to range from under $100/movie to approximately $500/movie. We can give you a more specific assessment and help set your expectations once we know the specifics of your case.

See what our clients think:

Posted by anonymousJuly 29, 2021

Jeff provided exceptional representation. The cost for the settlement negotiation was provided up front and never changed. Jeff was very clear in the options and the process and provided a very good estimate of what the final outcome would be. Jeff was able to bring the settlement cost down significantly and provided timely updates as more information came in. The final settlement agreement was also very robust and included items such as multiple IP addresses and past potential liabilities. Jeff responded very quickly to emails that I had with concerns or questions even late in the evening. I highly recommend Jeff and if I have any future needs I know exactly who I will reach out too.


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