Malibu Media is Suing You: Here are your choices.


Malibu Media is a subscription-based website for adult content, They are also one of the most prolific filers of copyright infringement lawsuits in the US, having filed more than 6,000 identical BitTorrent lawsuits to date.

Have you just received notification from your internet service provider, such as Comcast, Cox, or Verizon, that Malibu Media is seeking your name?

Now that you have this notification, you typically have 30 days to decide how you want to handle it before the case may move forward.

Here’s the good news: At this point in the litigation you are still anonymous and identified only as John Doe.

You will remain known as John Doe on the public court docket until your Internet company is ordered by a judge to release your name and address to the Malibu Media’s attorneys.

In your case against Malibu Media, you have some choices on how you’d like to proceed:

  1. You can resolve this anonymously, agreeing on a financial settlement before your ISP releases your name
  2. You can file a motion to quash to stop your identity from being released by your ISP (essentially proving to a judge that the lawsuit against you has no merit)
  3. You can fight this in court. Your identity will be released to the production company and you will be served with a subpoena and have to appear in court to defend your case

Malibu Media Summons: What do I do now?

  • Don’t sign anything
  • Don’t try to delete anything – this could make penalties worse
  • Decide how you want to handle it by speaking to an experienced ISP Subpoena Defense Lawyer. We offer free consultations.

What’s the best course of action for you against Malibu Media?

Each case is different – make sure you speak with an attorney to see what’s best for your individual situation.

We’ve represented nearly 2,000 clients across the US and can help you figure out the best course of action for you.

Want to know more? We have an entire page dedicated to the Malibu Media lawsuits.


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