10 New Colorado Alleged Downloaders Sued in LHF Productions Lawsuit


More LHF Productions Inc Subpoenas in Colorado – Comcast and CenturyLink Copyright Letters Coming

In July, August, and September we reported court records showing many Colorado residents being sued for allegedly downloading the movie “London has Fallen” without permission. Now, even more Colorado residents have been sued in the name of their IP address and LHF Productions Inc. Subpoenas will soon be showing up in their mailboxes.

Comcast Cable and CenturyLink internet subscribers living  in Arvada, Aspen, Avon, Basalt, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Littleton, Monument, Parker, Snowmass Village have been sued by LHF Productions Inc. in the following cases:

Colorado district judge Michael E. Hegarty granted LHF Productions, Inc.’s  request to issue subpoenas to internet Service Providers (ISPs) to reveal the identities of certain subscribers who are alleged to have illegally downloaded the movie “London Has Fallen.”Copies of the court Orders can be found here for case 16-cv-02244-wyd-meh and here for case 16-cv-02208-wyd-meh

Received an LHF Productions Subpoena? The best thing to do is to talk with an experienced lawyer.

  • Learn about what the notice means.
  • Do you want to quickly and anonymously make this go away by resolving the lawsuit by settling?
  • Or do you want to prepare to fight the lawsuit?
  • Should you file a motion to quash the subpoena
  • Ask every question that concerns you.

Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to the District of Colorado federal bar. Antonelli Law has defended many Colorado residents likewise accused of copyright infringement, and over 1,500 clients nationwide.

If you received an LHF Productions Inc Subpoena or were served a Summons in a LHF Productions Inc . lawsuit, call us at 312-201-8310 or click here to Talk to a Lawyer For Free.  We will explain what a motion to quash the subpoena is about. If you are the account holder for your internet account, your name is linked to an IP address which can be seen and tracked on the internet.

This is what clients say Antonelli Law is very good at:

  • Reducing your anxiety about the problem
  • Giving clear information to help you decide what to do
  • Responsive and accessible via phone and email
  • Tenacious and effective lawyers in lawsuit litigation

Call us for a free consultation at 312-201-8310 nationwide or use the contact form below. Scroll down for more information can be found below the contact form.


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There are many LHF Productions Inc Lawsuits.

Each lawsuit is filed in federal court and requests permission to find out the real names of internet users associated with IP addresses suspected of being part of the movie downloading. This is done by sending a subpoena to the internet company (ISP). Most people find out they are involved in the lawsuit when they receive a letter from their internet company (ISP) such as Comcast, COX, Comcast, or Verizon informing them of the copyright infringement allegations. A copy of a LHF Productions Inc Subpoena is enclosed.

If you are the account holder for an internet service provider (ISP), your name is linked to an IP address. If you receive a Comcast letter informing you a subpoena was received to reveal your identity, click here to learn about motions to quash or call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 or use the contact form below. LHF Productions Inc Subpoenas can be scary or inconvenient, but we can help you manage the risk and the hassle. Attorneys: Don’t risk malpractice in a copyright lawsuit where the  loser pays statutory and attorneys fees. We accept attorney referrals and are very experienced in this specialized litigation.

Antonelli Law is the most experienced BT copyright defense firm in the country, and have represented many copyright infringement defendants in Colorado federal court. Call us to learn your legal options. We will tell you the risks and benefits of each one.

Jeffrey Antonelli has been recognized by national and local media as representing many people accused of BitTorrent file-sharing of copyrighted work, including by Bloomberg BNA.

For immediate advice and a free initial consultation about this LHF Productions, Inc. lawsuit call attorney Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out our simple contact page or email us with a request to call you back at a time that is convenient for you. We understand the shock you may be feeling from receiving a notice of this action, and have the experience to help you deal with this in the best way possible for you. Attorney referrals accepted

Case 1:16-cv-02456-WYD-MEH LHF Productions Inc v Does 1-10

ISPs: Comcast Cable and CenturyLink

SHA-1 Hash:

IP Address                                       City                    Longmont                Denver                   Basalt                   Aspen                  Denver                 Littleton                 Longmont                 Denver                 Denver              Aurora


Case 1:16-cv-02208-WYD-MEH

ISP: Comcast Cable

SHA-1 Hash:

IP Address                                          City 61982                  Littleton                               Denver                                     Fort Collins                                        Arvada                                           Aurora                                          Avon                              Colorado Springs                              Denver                                      Snowmass Village                                Aurora                             Littleton                                Monument                                Aurora                             Breckenridge                                Parker 50745                      Colorado Springs 3                               Denver 8                                     Denver

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