What To Know About Your LA Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit


If you’re being sued by Strike 3 Holdings in Los Angeles there are a few things that you should know.

Important facts about Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits

  • These cases are time-sensitive– You typically have 30 days to act after receiving your subpoena before your internet service provider can release your name to Strike 3 Holdings and your case can be amended to include your name. To avoid the possibility of your name being released it’s best to act quickly.
  • You have three options– You can choose to settle anonymously, file a motion to quash, or fight your case in court. Ultimately the decision of how to move forward is up to you but we’ll be there to guide you in your decision.
  • You may be able to lower your settlement amount– One of the main concerns of defendants is the cost of resolving their case. We’ve helped many clients lower their settlement amounts and may be able to do the same for you depending on the specifics of your case.

What to prepare for when you schedule a Strike 3 Holdings consultation with Antonelli Law

During your consultation, we’ll go through the specifics of your case and discuss your options. Most clients don’t have much knowledge of these lawsuits when we speak with them, but we’ll happily go through any questions you have during your consultation. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision moving forward and help you find a resolution to your case.

To schedule a consultation with Antonelli Law for free and discuss your LA Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit call 312-201-8310 or click here.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented over 700 Strike 3 Holdings clients across the US since 2017, and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website page for Strike 3 Holdings


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