I Was Sued by Strike 3 Holdings


I was sued by Strike 3 Holdings, Jeffrey settled my case in less than a month.

I live in New York, I can find many lawyers who can defend for copyright infringement. I had called several local lawyers and one lawyer was going to charge me $550 for consultation.

Another lawyer was going to charge me $5000 for the first retainer. Notice, there would be second or third retainers I had to pay.

Most New York lawyers offer hour rate service, but Jeffrey offers flat rate (one-time payment). In my opinion, only millionaires can afford an hour rate. Jeffrey’s attorney fee is reasonable. He helped me to get the best settlement result. I Googled Strike 3 Holdings, I could find some law firms, they say they know how to defend. They also posted some articles that explain Strike 3 Holdings, like Jeffrey did.

I had called them, they scared me more. They know how to defend, but they don’t know the strategies to dominate in the case. Jeffrey is confident on this lawsuit. I recommend him, his paralegal Katrina is good and professional, too. There is so much misleading information on the internet, call Jeffrey for a free consultation, he can definitely reduce your anxiety.

You can hire him though you live in a different state.

Anonymous posting on Avvo.com.

Are you being sued by Strike 3 Holdings?

It’s a stressful situation.  We’re experienced defending clients around the country, helping each one decide the best strategy for their unique case.

We’ve represented nearly 300 Strike 3 Holdings clients across the US since 2017.

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