“Three Times Dope”: Walter C. Griggs v. Does 1-188


“Three Times Dope”: Walter C. Griggs v. Does 1-188

Walter C. Griggs has filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit against 188 John Does in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The lawsuit involves the alleged downloading of a file called “Three Times Dope.” The file contains 34 sound recordings which the plaintiff performed and wrote the music and lyrics. Reportedly, Walter Griggs was the performer known as “Chuck Nice” in the group Three Times Dope.

To date, Walter Griggs has only filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Attorney Raymond F. Keenan is representing him in the lawsuit.

Like other BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing cases, Walter Griggs is accusing defendants of copyright infringement by using software and the internet to obtain the recordings without paying the appropriate license fee.

If you are targeted and receive a letter from your ISP notifying you a subpoena was received to reveal your identity, there are several options. One of which in this case may be to ignore the letter (NEVER ignore being served with summons. Immediately consult with an attorney).  Among several other options are to fight and defend yourself in court, settle anonymously through an attorney, or file a motion to quash. Because such a large number of “John Does” are joined together, 188, this case presents a better likelihood of a successful motion to quash the subpoena than other BitTorrent copyright cases. However the usual caveats about motions to quash still apply. 

Antonelli Law can help you nationwide if you have received an ISP letter informing you a subpoena for your identity was received, or if you are served with a summons or waiver of service.

For immediate advice and a free initial consultation call attorney Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310, fill out our simple contact info below, or email us at jeffrey@antonelli-law.com with a request to call you back at a time that is convenient for you. We understand the shock you may be feeling from receiving a notice of this action, and have the experience to help you deal with this in the best way possible for you. Attorney referrals accepted.

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Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Walter C. Griggs v. Does 1-188 2:16-cv-00651


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