Bodyguard Productions Subpoena: What to do now


Have you recently received a letter from your internet service provider, such as Comcast, Cox, Verizon or AT&T, along with a subpoena from Bodyguard Productions, Inc?

Bodyguard Productions has filed federal copyright infringement lawsuits alleging that someone in your home or office downloaded an illegal copy of ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ using file-sharing software.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard was a hit when it was released in summer 2017, however, pirated copies were leaked online a mere 8 days post-theatrical release.

Is the Bodyguard Productions subpoena real?

Unfortunately, yes, and ignoring it will reduce your options to fight it. Typically you only have a few weeks to a month to file a motion to quash or vacate the subpoena.

It’s important to know that at this point in the litigation defendants are anonymous, identified only as John Doe.
They will remain known as John Doe on the public court docket until their Internet company releases their names and addresses to the movie company’s attorneys. Before that release happens, Internet subscribers will receive a letter notifying them that they are being targeted in the copyright infringement lawsuits.

What are my choices?
Once you’ve received a subpoena from Bodyguard Productions, you have three options available to you:
1. You can resolve it anonymously
2. You can file a motion to quash it before it gets to court
3. You can prepare to fight it in court

Why Hire Antonelli Law to help you with your Bodyguard Productions Lawsuit?

We will:

  • Reduce your anxiety about the problem
  • Give clear, up to date information to help you decide what to do
  • Be responsive and accessible via phone and email
  • Help you resolve this problem: most cases are resolved out of court for a flat legal fee for anonymous settlements.
  • Help you fight it: We are tenacious and effective lawyers in lawsuit litigation

If you’ve received a Bodyguard Productions, Inc. Subpoena or were served a Summons, don’t panic. We will help you solve this.

We’re America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm and have helped nearly 2,000 clients across the country resolve their cases.

Learn the facts and speak for free, confidentially, with our experienced attorneys at 312-201-8310.

You can learn more about the Bodyguard Productions lawsuits here.


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