Strike 3 Holdings is Filing in Colorado


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Strike 3 Holdings is filing lawsuits across the U.S., including in Colorado, alleging illegal downloads of their adult movies produced by Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen.

Antonelli Law represents people across the country, including in Colorado, and will represent your Strike 3 Holdings case.

Strike 3 Holdings v. John Doe in Colorado

Strike 3 Holdings has filed cases against anonymous defendants in Colorado, such as John Doe assigned IP address This copyright infringement lawsuit was filed June 5, 2018,  with the Denver Office of the Colorado District Court in Boulder County, Colorado.

How Did Strike 3 Holdings Find Me?

If you’ve just received a subpoena from your ISP about a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit, then they most likely do not have your name yet.

The copyright holder uses geolocation technology to locate your IP address. With this information, they can attempt to obtain permission from the court to ask your ISP to release your name and personal details. You will retain anonymity until the court orders the ISP to provide the details associated with the IP address, but some options can allow you to remain anonymous throughout the whole process.

Should I Settle?

This can give you peace of mind, but you will be required to pay the financial settlement regardless of whether you feel that you should have to. Settling through an experienced law firm like Antonelli Law will guarantee that you are protected from Strike 3 Holdings attempting to obtain more money in the future for any supposed download activity that occurred before the settlement date.

It is also possible to remain anonymous if you choose to file a motion to quash the subpoena. This can be the right choice in some specific circumstances. Such circumstances include if you live in a different jurisdiction than where the case was filed. With this option, if the motion is denied, you may lose your anonymity.

If you choose to fight the case in court, you may still be able to remain anonymous, as judges will allow defendants to remain anonymous in certain circumstances.  It is important to understand that you may lose your anonymity with this choice, but it is still a viable option to consider.  You could potentially win the case and get damages, which could include legal fees.

If this is the right choice for you, a law firm with experience handling these copyright infringement cases, such as Antonelli Law, is your best option. This part of the law is constantly shifting, so it is important to choose a law firm that continually follows the latest changes and understands the complicated technology involved in these cases.

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