April 2018: Over 150 New Malibu Media Cases were Filed in 10 States


If you have received a copyright infringement lawsuit from Malibu Media alleging the illegal download of their adult films, then you’re not alone.

The California motion picture company Malibu Media has alleged that thousands of BitTorrent users illegally downloaded, copied, and distributed their copyrighted adult films.  Their April 2018 cases were in filed in Connecticut, Washington, DC, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

What is a Malibu Media Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

Recently Malibu LLC has been aggressively filing copyright infringement lawsuits based on defendant’s IP addresses. Since 2012 the company has filed over 6,000 copyright infringement lawsuits in federal courts across the nation.

These copyright infringement lawsuits allege that defendants have illegally downloaded adult films that are distributed through Malibu Media’s subscription website x-art.com using BitTorrent software. BitTorrent allows users to share large amounts of data over the internet with a peer-to-peer file transfer system.

In Your Case Against Malibu Media, You Have Some Options:

  1. Resolve it anonymously: You can choose to reach a settlement and remain anonymous.
  2. File a motion to quash before it gets to court: You can anonymously file a motion to quash the subpoena before it gets to court on the basis that Malibu LLC has insufficient evidence against you.
  3. Or fight your case against Malibu LLC in court: With an experienced ISP subpoena defense firm like Antonelli Law. Our attorneys have the most experience nationwide and are well-versed in the complex and ever-changing technology involved in these cases.

Interested in learning more about these Malibu Media lawsuits?

We’ve created an entire page on our website: www.antonelli-law.com/bittorrent-isp-subpoena/malibu-media-llc/ where you can learn about what (and what not) to do, and the next steps you should take.

Ready to speak to an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist? Call Antonelli Law today to discuss your case against Malibu Media, free and confidentially at 312-201-8310


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