NY Judge Allows Email Service of Criminal Productions Inc. Lawsuit


Criminal Productions, Inc. is filing federal copyright infringement lawsuits involving the film titled “Criminal” with Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, and Gary Oldman. The film plot involves the implantation of a dead CIA agent’s memories into the mind of a convict.

The first case filed in New York by Criminal Productions, Inc. alleges that persons living in Queens and Suffolk using Verizon FiOS internet service illegally downloaded the movie “Criminal” using file-sharing software including BitComet 0.1.4, μTorrent 3.4.7, μTorrent Mac 1.8.6, and μTorrent3.4.7.

In a rather surprising Order, on September 7th Eastern District of New York United States Magistrate Judge Steven M. Gold not only granted copyright plaintiff Criminal Productions Inc‘s motion to serve subpoenas on Verizon FiOS ISP to reveal the true names and addresses of internet subscribers who allegedly downloaded the movie “Criminal” without authorization, but also stated proactively that if Criminal Productions Inc finds that it can not serve the defendants in the traditional fashion, it can serve the lawsuits by email:

For the forgoing reasons, Plaintiff’s motion is granted, and Criminal Productions may promptly serve the ISP with a Rule 45 subpoena commanding the ISP to provide Plaintiff with the true name, address, and email address of the subscriber associated with each IP Address indicated in Exhibit A to Plaintiff’s Complaint. Any information disclosed by the ISP will be on an attorneys’-eyes-only basis and will not be disclosed to Criminal Productions, or its employees or agents, with the exception that disclosure may be made as required for the limited purpose of effecting service of process on defendants. In a few past cases, Plaintiffs have been restricted from accessing Defendants’ email addresses; however, it is this Court’s experience that a person’s last known address is not always genuine or current for service. Therefore, in order for service by email address to be possible if it is the only way to serve the Defendants, the Court will allow the disclosure of Defendants’ email addresses in this case.

This is very unusual. This is the only Criminal Productions Inc. Lawsuit we are aware of to have this kind of an order.

If you received an Criminal Productions Inc Subpoena or were served a Summons in a Criminal Productions Inc. lawsuit, call us at 312-201-8310 or click here to Talk to a Lawyer For Free.

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Antonelli Law’s local counsel for New York is attorney Leslie Farber. If Verizon or your internet account sends you a letter informing you your name has been subpoenaed to be released to Criminal Productions Inc. because of a Criminal Productions Inc. lawsuit call Antonelli Law for a free attorney consultation at 312-201-8310.

Attorneys: Don’t risk malpractice trying to represent a client accused of copyright infringement involving statutory damages and attorney fee awards.   Antonelli Law has been defending clients accused of BitTorrent copyright claims since 2011 and has helped over 1,500 clients across the country deal with being targeted in federal copyright lawsuits.  We have the experience and compassion to competently help you, too.

Our local counsel is admitted to the district court of New York. We are able to represent you in your federal case without being more expensive or more difficult to hire than hiring a local law firm because federal courts require attorneys to file their papers electronically, and often conduct hearings by telephone. This makes frequent trips to the courthouse unnecessary. We will help defend you and help protect your anonymity in a Criminal Productions Inc. lawsuit if circumstances allow.


 Criminal Productions, Inc. is represented by attorneys Ashly E Sands and Jason M Drangel of Epstein Drangel LLP, New York, who are also representing LHF Productions, Inc. who are suing New Yorkers alleged to have illegally downloaded the movie  “London Has Fallen.”

Eastern District of New York

Criminal Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-4 – 16-cv-04360

New Yorkers to Get Subpoena Letters for Criminal Productions Inc
New Yorkers to Get Subpoena Letters for Criminal Productions Inc

Criminal Productions Inc. Lawsuit



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