New Copyright Troll in Town: Khumba Film Pty. Ltd.


Copyright infringement lawsuits have recently emerged in Colorado and Illinois for an animated film  called “Khumba.” Khumba was directed by Anthony Silverson and contains the voices  of Steve Buscemi, Laurence Fishburne, and others.

The copyright holder of the Khumba film, Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. , filed the federal lawsuits claiming that the target defendants illegally obtained the movie using BitTorrent or similiar software and the internet without paying the license fee. The defendants are currently “John Doe” defendants and are not named because the plaintiff copyright holder does not know the identities of those it believes did the downloads. In each lawsuit, the plaintiff has asked the court for permission to subpoena ISPs to reveal the identities of the ISP account holders associated with IP addresses plaintiff has linked to the downloads. To date, 186 doe defendants have been sued.

It is speculated that Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. is connected to another copyright plaintiff, Zambezia. Zambezia was another animated film whose copyright holder filed lawsuits in 6 different states, including Illinois and Colorado. Just under 1,000 does were targeted in those cases. For more information and opinions about the lawsuits,  visit the blog DieTrollDie.

It is not a good idea to download the Khumba movie using BitTorrent or similar software, especially in states like Illinois and Colorado where Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. is actively suing.  If you are a parent make sure your children are not doing this; if you have roommates make sure your roommates are not doing this, as being a target of a federal lawsuit like this over a movie download is not fun, not fair, and is avoidable. 

Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to all federal courts of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, and the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois and can represent clients in any federal court anywhere through pro hac vice. Call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 and speak with one of our attorneys experienced with BitTorrent copyright litigation, visit our web page on Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. lawsuits, or use the contact form below to request a convenient time to have a detailed free initial consultation about each of your options.

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The following are recently filed cases by Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. Additional information can be found at the Antonelli Law website:

Colorado Cases:
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-12   1:14-cv-02049
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-14   1:14-cv-02075

Illinois Cases:
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-39 1:14-cv-06605
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-38 1:14-cv-06608
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-41 1:14-cv-06609
Khumba Film Pty. Ltd. v. Does 1-42 1:14-cv-06610


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