Malibu Media Lawsuit Settlement Amount


Have you received a subpoena from Malibu Media? If you’re considering settling, make sure you read this, and call Antonelli Law for a free consultation to discuss your specific case against Malibu Media.

Malibu Media Lawsuit: You’re not alone.

Malibu Media is one of the most active filers of lawsuits; to date, they’ve filed nearly 7,000 copyright infringement lawsuits across the U.S. For example, they filed 38% of copyright lawsuits in the U.S. between January and May of 2014.

How much is a Malibu Media Settlement?

 This is one of our most frequent questions from clients.  The answer is that it depends on the case.

Malibu Media’s settlements are often higher than other filers of copyright lawsuits, often in the $6,000 to $15,000 range.  They may be less in certain circumstances, or if you can prove financial hardship with documentation.

Should you settle your case with Malibu Media?

 That depends on you!

Some people just want it over with, to remain anonymous, and for everything to simply go away.  Antonelli Law offers a reasonable flat fee for helping you settle and remain anonymous.

We will also ensure you are completely protected, even if the settlement is an anonymous one.

One example of this is that our agreements include protection from the movie company against trying to obtain more money or copyright actions in the future for any supposed downloading activity that happened prior to the settlement date.

I don’t want to settle with Malibu Media. What else are my choices?

If you feel like you were wrongly or unfairly targeted, you may not want to settle out of court.

In this instance, you have two choices:

  1. You can file a motion to quash to stop your identity from being released by your ISP (essentially proving to a judge that the lawsuit against you has no merit).
  2. You can fight this in court. Your identity will most likely* be released to the production company, and you will be served with a subpoena and have to appear in court to defend your case.
    • *Before your name is revealed by your ISP, you can file a motion to proceed anonymously in court. Most judges will grant this motion when the lawsuit involves adult movies, however, some may not.

Each case is unique and Antonelli Law has been successful with multiple motions to quash.

We are experienced litigators that have battled filers of copyright lawsuits in federal courts across the U.S., and we will fight back vigorously on your behalf if you choose to fight it.

If you need help understanding your options against Malibu Media, call us to discuss your case, free and confidentially:  312-201-8310


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