Malibu Media Defendant in Texas


A review from a recent Malibu Media defendant in Texas

“Dear Mr. Antonelli,

I’d like to thank you and all of your responsive, capable, and friendly staff at the Antonelli Law Firm for the first rate services you have performed for me related to the copyright infringement suit filed against me.  Most especially your ability to negotiate a lower settlement agreement with the plaintiff and a more extended timeframe to satisfy the terms of the agreement.

You should also be especially proud of your first rate attorney staff who have always dealt with me in a very kind, capable and timely manner.

Needless to say, I would recommend the Antonelli Law Firm to any person in need of first rate, reasonably priced legal services.

I’d like to thank you and all of your fine staff for your outstanding services for me.. I would be glad to speak to any potential client to confirm this recommendation of your services.”

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How to handle your Malibu Media lawsuit

If you’ve received a subpoena from Malibu Media along with a letter from your ISP, you’re being sued and should take action as soon as possible. Malibu Media accuses defendants, or someone in their home or office, of illegally downloading their adult film content typically using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent.

These cases are time-sensitive and defendants typically only have 30 days to act before the risk of losing their anonymity.

Your options in your Malibu Media Lawsuit

When you’ve received a subpoena it’s important to remain calm. Then contact an experienced copyright infringement attorney who can advise you on your next steps. Your three options are to file a motion to quash, settle anonymously, or fight your case in court.

Our experienced attorneys have worked on over 1,000 Malibu Media cases just like this and are ready to discuss your case immediately.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our copyright infringement attorneys to discuss your Malibu Media case call 312-201-8310 or click here.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We have handled more than 1,000 Malibu Media cases over the past eight years, helping each client figure out the best option for their individual situation. We can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.


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