Dallas Buyers Club LLC Nears 4500 Defendants


Dallas Buyers Club LLC returned “home” to the Northern District of Illinois last week, filing multi-doe cases against 144 “John Doe” defendants, bringing the national total to 4492: 

  • 15-cv-01765            Dallas Buyers Club v.  Does 1-25
  • 15-cv-01766            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does 1-28
  • 15-cv-01770            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does 1-15
  • 15-cv-01771            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does  1-21
  • 15-cv-01772            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does  1-15
  • 15-cv-01773            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does  1-20
  • 15-cv-01774            Dallas Buyers Club  v. Does  1-20

Like each previous federal lawsuit filed by Dallas Buyers Club LLC, the company alleges these as-yet anonymous Doe defendants illegally downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club using BitTorrent or similar peer-to-peer file-sharing programs without paying the appropriate license fee. For additional information visit our web page on Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuits.

If you receive a letter from your ISP notifying you it received a subpoena to reveal your identity relating to a Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuit, read our prior post Dallas Buyers Club lawsuits – How to Respond to an ISP Letter.

If you are a parent make sure your children are not downloading the Dallas Buyers Club movie using BitTorrent or similar software, and the same goes if you have roommates: make sure your roommates are not doing this. Being a target of a federal lawsuit like this over a movie download is not fun, not fair, and is avoidable.  If you have never heard of BitTorrent software and are confused, call Antonelli Law at the telephone number below and visit Fightcopyrighttrolls.com and DieTrollDie.com

Antonelli Law helps clients nationwide defending against federal BitTorrent copyright infringement claims, including claims by the Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuits.  Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to all federal courts of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois,  and can represent clients in any federal court anywhere. Antonelli Law also has local counsel in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Florida.

Antonelli Law has helped over 800 clients faced with  being targeted in a BitTorrent copyright lawsuit like those filed by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.  Call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 and speak with one of our attorneys experienced with BitTorrent copyright litigation, or use the contact form below to request a convenient time to have a free, in-depth initial consultation with an experienced BitTorrent copyright defense attorney about each of your options.

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