Dallas Buyers Club Lawsuits – How to Respond to an ISP Letter


Dallas Buyers Club LLC has filed lawsuits around the country alleging people illegally downloaded the copyrighted movie Dallas Buyers Club using BitTorrent file-sharing software. Almost 2,500 people have been targeted.

For most people the process starts with receiving a notice from your ISP that a subpoena was received to reveal the identity of the internet subscriber (the person who pays the bill). That letter will advise the subscriber that a motion to challenge the subpoena to resist revealing your identity can be filed within a certain number of days. The type of motion is usually called a motion to “vacate” or “quash” the subpoena.

In the past, the judges in a number of cases with different plaintiffs (the company who filed the lawsuit in court) reviewed the motions challenging the subpoenas. Sometimes the judge granted the motion, other times the judge denied the motion.

One of the problems facing the internet subscriber who filed the motion challenging the subpoena was that in a multiple defendant case (e.g., Does 1-100), even if you win a motion to quash the subpoena, the plaintiff will have the right to file lawsuits individually against each and every one of the defendants, including you.

Some people have felt it was better to “wait it out” and see if the plaintiff never followed through in actually filing a lawsuit against them. Other people have felt it was better to hire a lawyer and settle the case anonymously, before their identity was revealed by the ISP to the plaintiff.

If you receive notice from your ISP that a subpoena has been received to reveal your identity in a Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuit, you should speak with an attorney familiar with federal copyright cases involving BitTorrent software.

Call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 and speak with one of our attorneys experienced with BitTorrent copyright litigation, visit our web page on Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuits, or use the contact form below to request a convenient time for you to have a detailed free initial consultation about each of your options. Antonelli Law has helped more than 100 clients in at least 7 states who already faced being targeted in a Dallas Buyers Club LLC lawsuit and can help you, too.

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