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Got a Cell Film Holdings Subpoena? Ask a Lawyer for Free

Many people in Texas will soon be receiving copies of subpoenas from Cell Film Holdings LLC sent to them by their Internet service provider Comcast. The subpoena comes out of lawsuit filed by Cell Film Holdings LLC in Houston federal court, alleging that Comcast subscribers in Baytown, Houston, Katy, Kemah, League City, Pasadena,

LHF Productions Inc Subpoena? Talk to a Lawyer For Free

This week, many people in Illinois are starting to receive copies of subpoenas from LHF Productions Inc. sent to them by their Internet service provider, like Comcast. LHF Productions Inc Subpoena? Talk to a Lawyer For Free The best thing to do is to talk with an experienced lawyer. Learn about what

More than 100 Virginians to Be Served With LHF Productions Inc. Virginia Lawsuit

Virginians accused in federal lawsuits filed by LHF Productions Inc.  for downloading the movie “London Has Fallen” are close to being served with Summons and Complaint according to federal court documents recently filed. In May, LHF Productions Inc. filed six federal copyright infringement lawsuits against a total of 122 unnamed “John Doe”

Criminal Productions Inc Hits the Suburbs of Sin City Vegas & Henderson

Criminal Productions Inc., the copyright holder of the movie “Criminal” starring Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds, is suing 22 Las Vegas area residents who it alleges illegally downloaded the film using the Internet. All 22 defendants are subscribers of COX Communications and live in Henderson and Las Vegas, with many appearing to

Criminal Productions Inc. Invades Philly – Because of the Badlands?

We don’t really know why Criminal Productions Inc. chose to start suing folks in Philadelphia for downloading their flick “Criminal”. But they are. Internet users in Philadelphia, Reading, Harleysville, and Levittown are the unlucky ones to have allegedly torrented the movie using a file called Criminal 2016 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-JYK on
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