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New Yorkers to Get Subpoena Letters for LHF Productions, Inc – Happy Fourth of July!

New York – LHF Productions, Inc. sues for “London Has Fallen” movie torrents.  The court has approved subpoenas to be issued, and ISP letters notifying subscribers of this subpoena and the federal copyright lawsuit will be arriving soon – perhaps this Fourth of July weekend! If you are the account holder for

LHF Productions Inc. adds 315 Defendants in Illinois

This week in Illinois LHF Productions filed 12 new copyright lawsuits against 315 defendants, with each defendant being an unnamed “Doe.” Overall, this brings the total number of people targeted to around 1,500 people nationwide. LHF Productions has filed lawsuits in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia,

LHF Productions and Criminal Productions – Carl Crowell Combo

Oregon attorney Carl Crowell has filed several copyright lawsuits in California on behalf of several copyright holders, LHF Productions Inc. and Criminal Productions Inc., alleging that an unnamed “Doe” defendant used BitTorrent to illegally file-share the films “London Has Fallen” and “Criminal.” The lawsuit alleges that LHF Productions Inc. and Criminal Productions Inc.,

Bloomberg BNA Quotes Jeffrey Antonelli on Copyright Litigation, Malibu Media LLC

Bloomberg BNA has published an article about the large increase in federal copyright lawsuits filed by’s owner Malibu Media LLC, quoting attorney Jeffrey Antonelli. The article here is not pay-walled but you may be asked to register. If you or your client receives notice from its ISP that Malibu Media has

Criminal Productions Inc. Targets Illinois, Washington and Arizona

Criminal Productions Inc. Targets Illinois, Washington and Arizona No, this is not a pseudonym or an oblique reference to Breaking Bad’s “You need a _criminal_ attorney.”  Criminal Productions Inc. owns the copyright to the movie “Criminal” and is alleging people illegally shared the movie through the internet using file-sharing software. The movie
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