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Utah Internet Users Receive LHF Productions Letters & “Waiver of Service of Summons” and Settlement Demands – Antonelli Law Help & Information

Have you received a letter from Salt Lake City law firm Kirton McConkie attorney Todd Zenger about the LHF Productions, Inc. lawsuit? If so, you may have questions regarding your legal options about defending yourself, settlement, and something called “Waiver of Service of Summons” Don’t Sign a Waiver of Service of Summons

More Hawaiian Telecom Users Sued by I.T. Productions LLC Over “IT” Movie Downloads – Antonelli Law

I.T. Productions LLC – the movie company behind the movie “I.T” starring Pierce Brosnan, James Frecheville and Anna Friel –  is suing even more Hawaiian Telecom users alleging they illegally downloaded the movie for free. The movie company has been filing similar movie download copyright lawsuits on the mainland for several months.

New Video Series From Antonelli Law on BitTorrent Copyright Infringement Defense

New Video Series From Antonelli Law on BitTorrent Copyright Infringement Defense After representing nearly 2,000 clients across the country facing BT copyright infringement and satellite piracy claims, Antonelli Law has developed a series of short videos explaining a number of issues that arise in this niche area of federal litigation. We expect

ME2 Productions Inc Sues Hawaiian Telecom Subscribers for “Resurrection: Mechanic” Movie Downloads

ME2 Productions Inc., the movie company holding the copyright to the movie  “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones is filing multiple federal lawsuits in Hawaii against Hawaiian Telecom subscribers it alleges illegally downloaded its movie for free. The movie’s plot includes rescuing Jessica Alba’s character who is kidnapped. ME2

Malibu Media LLC Sues New Jersey Internet Users for Movie Downloads – Information and Help From Antonelli Law

Malibu Media LLC, the producer of pornographic films on the website has returned to suing internet users in New Jersey under the US Copyright Act for allegedly downloading its movies for free from the internet. This follows a period of inactivity since August 2016 when the last number of Malibu Media
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