Why Is Strike 3 Holdings Suing Me In Florida?


Are you wondering why a company called Strike 3 Holdings LLC is suing you? Strike 3 Holdings has been filing copyright infringement cases on a federal level for years. However, they recently focused their efforts on the Florida State Court. The filings that occur in Florida have been criticized as a violation of Florida’s “pure bill of discovery”.

If you are still being accused of downloading adult content illegally by Strike 3 Holdings, we are here to assist. In the US, copyright infringement cases are a federal matter and should be handled in federal court. However, you are still being accused of illegally downloading adult content produced by Strike 3 Holdings.

Strike 3 Holdings In Florida State Court

This is how we’ve seen these cases unfold: For Strike 3 Holdings cases filed in Florida State Court, if the ISP Subscriber does not act proactively once they receive the ISP notice by settling the case out of court or by filing a motion to quash, Strike 3’s attorneys are sending out letters informing the ISP Subscriber of their intent to sue the ISP Subscriber in federal court.

It’s important to note that Antonelli Law has been involved in several of these Strike 3 Florida State court cases. Antonelli Law has had lawsuits dismissed through successful motions to quash.

Strike 3 Holdings Motion To Quash

While the motion to quash works for some of these cases with Strike 3 Holdings, there are certain drawbacks that you will want to discuss with your attorney.

We have seen cases where a defendant files a motion to quash and won their case only to be sued once again in federal court. Please make sure you discuss all the possible outcomes with your team before moving forward.

Strike 3 Holdings Cases

Antonelli Law can help you anonymously settle your case with Strike 3 Holdings and will be sure to fight to protect your anonymity. We will also work to aggressively negotiate your settlement amount. These cases are time-sensitive, and whether your case was filed federally or in state court, we can help.

At Antonelli Law, we will discuss if settling your case anonymously, filing a motion to quash, or fighting in court is the best option for you. We can discuss this in our free consultation as we will aim to work as quickly as possible to resolve your unique case.

Can I Ignore My Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena?

It is vital to note that this is a real subpoena. This is not a scam. You are being sued for copyright infringement by Strike 3 Holdings LLC.

Right now, it is possible that the court only knows you as John Doe, depending on your case circumstances. If you ignore the subpoena, your internet service provider will likely release your name to Strike 3 Holdings LLC’s lawyers.

In almost all cases, they will amend the complaint name in the public court documents from ‘John Doe’ to your name once Strike 3 Holdings has your name. You will then be served with a court summons.

Under no circumstances should someone ever ignore a court summons.

Many clients don’t mind losing their anonymity, but the downside to ignoring your Strike 3 Holdings subpoena and receiving a summons is that your options moving forward are limited and you’ll lose some of your negotiating power.

Strike 3 Holdings cases can be difficult to navigate, contact Antonelli Law for a free confidential consultation and receive assistance today.


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