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Strike 3 Holdings Alleges New York Defendants Illegally Downloaded Their Films

Strike 3 Holdings recently filed copyright infringement lawsuits against nine anonymous individuals in the Rochester, New York area.

Strike 3 Holdings Searches for John Doe Defendants

Strike 3 Holdings, who distributes its adult films through the subscription-based websites Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy, is alleging that these anonymous defendants used file-sharing software like BitTorrent to download their adult content illegally. According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Strike 3 Holdings:

“Wants to find the Rochester-area ‘John Does’ who are pirating the company’s films. Strike 3 Holdings last week filed copyright infringement lawsuits against nine unknown individuals, whose internet addresses are local. Through the actions, Strike 3 begins a legal maneuver that could allow subpoenas of the internet providers and, afterward, the identities of the local people.

Strike 3 has about 1,200 similar actions underway across the country. Some have led to monetary settlements. The lawsuits claim that the porn pirates are ‘stealing these works on a grand scale.’”

More About Strike 3 Holdings

Strike 3’s attorney, Jacqueline James, says that the company has no choice but to file these lawsuits in order to find out who is illegally downloading the films.

The White Plains attorney claims, “the company is only targeting serial offenders who are downloading and trading a library of Strike 3 films. ‘I have to be able to prove infringement, we won’t bring a suit unless there’s multiple alleged infringements over a substantial duration of time.’”

What to do if You’ve Received a Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena

Once you’ve received a subpoena, there are three options available:

A frequently asked question about these lawsuits is, “What about the cost?” Our fee is flat rate, and we negotiate the best settlement possible on your behalf.  We’ve successfully negotiated anonymous settlements that were lower than the original amount demanded by the movie company and will fight to get the best financial outcome for you. If you decide to settle anonymously all claims up through the settlement date (whether known or unknown) are covered. This means that you will not be sued again by the same company for any additional supposed download activity that occurred prior to the settlement date.

If you want to fight the lawsuit in court, we charge an hourly fee and will explain what to expect during a free consultation. If fighting in court is the right option for you make sure to choose an experienced copyright infringement defense firm like Antonelli Law. Our attorneys fight back vigorously and understand the complexities involved in this field of the law.

For more information on your case, visit our Strike 3 Holdings page or contact us at 312-201-8310 to set up your free consultation today.




New York: Strike 3 Holdings v. Doe:

  • 1:18-cv-00364
  • 1:18-cv-00368
  • 1:18-cv-00469
  • 1:18-cv-00470
  • 1:18-cv-00471
  • 1:18-cv-00472
  • 1:18-cv-00473
  • 1:18-cv-00475
  • 1:18-cv-00476
  • 1:18-cv-00477
  • 1:18-cv-00479
  • 1:18-cv-00480
  • 1:18-cv-00481
  • 1:18-cv-00482
  • 1:18-cv-00483
  • 1:18-cv-00437
  • 1:18-cv-00428
  • 1:18-cv-00430
  • 1:18-cv-00432
  • 1:18-cv-00434
  • 1:18-cv-00435
  • 1:18-cv-00439
  • 1:18-cv-00440
  • 1:18-cv-00442
  • 1:18-cv-00444
  • 1:18-cv-00445
  • 1:18-cv-00446
  • 1:18-cv-00449
  • 1:18-cv-00450
  • 1:18-cv-00424
  • 1:18-cv-00425
  • 1:18-cv-00448
  • 1:18-cv-00451
  • 1:18-cv-00452
  • 1:18-cv-00454
  • 2:18-cv-00689
  • 2:18-cv-00691
  • 2:18-cv-00692
  • 2:18-cv-00693
  • 2:18-cv-00694
  • 2:18-cv-00695
  • 2:18-cv-00696
  • 2:18-cv-00697
  • 2:18-cv-00698
  • 7:18-cv-01473
  • 7:18-cv-01474
  • 7:18-cv-01475
  • 7:18-cv-01476
  • 7:18-cv-01479
  • 7:18-cv-01480
  • 7:18-cv-01481
  • 7:18-cv-01482
  • 7:18-cv-01483
  • 7:18-cv-01484
  • 7:18-cv-01485
  • 7:18-cv-01486
  • 7:18-cv-01487
  • 7:18-cv-01488
  • 7:18-cv-01489
  • 1:18-cv-01576
  • 1:18-cv-01580
  • 1:18-cv-01581
  • 1:18-cv-01583
  • 1:18-cv-01585
  • 1:18-cv-01587
  • 1:18-cv-01588
  • 1:18-cv-01590
  • 1:18-cv-01592
  • 1:18-cv-01594
  • 1:18-cv-01596
  • 1:18-cv-01597
  • 1:18-cv-01599
  • 1:18-cv-01602
  • 1:18-cv-01606
  • 1:18-cv-01609
  • 1:18-cv-01613
  • 1:18-cv-01144
  • 1:18-cv-01149
  • 1:18-cv-01152
  • 1:18-cv-01153
  • 1:18-cv-01155
  • 1:18-cv-01157
  • 1:18-cv-01159
  • 1:18-cv-01160
  • 1:18-cv-01161
  • 1:18-cv-01163
  • 1:18-cv-01164
  • 1:18-cv-01165
  • 1:18-cv-01183
  • 1:18-cv-01184
  • 1:18-cv-01186
  • 1:18-cv-01188
  • 1:18-cv-01190
  • 1:18-cv-01191
  • 1:18-cv-01192
  • 1:18-cv-01193
  • 1:18-cv-01194
  • 1:18-cv-01196
  • 1:18-cv-01197
  • 1:18-cv-01198
  • 1:18-cv-02648
  • 1:18-cv-02649
  • 1:18-cv-02650
  • 1:18-cv-02651
  • 1:18-cv-02652
  • 1:18-cv-02653
  • 1:18-cv-02654
  • 1:18-cv-02656
  • 1:18-cv-02657
  • 1:18-cv-02659
  • 1:18-cv-02661
  • 1:18-cv-00412
  • 1:18-cv-00413
  • 1:18-cv-00410
  • 1:18-cv-00411
  • 1:18-cv-02067
  • 1:18-cv-02070
  • 1:18-cv-02071
  • 1:18-cv-02072
  • 1:18-cv-02073
  • 1:18-cv-02075
  • 1:18-cv-02093
  • 1:18-cv-02094
  • 1:18-cv-02096
  • 1:18-cv-02098
  • 1:18-cv-02099
  • 1:18-cv-02124
  • 1:18-cv-02126
  • 1:18-cv-02128
  • 1:18-cv-02130
  • 1:18-cv-02132
  • 7:18-cv-03530
  • 7:18-cv-03532
  • 7:18-cv-03533
  • 7:18-cv-03536
  • 7:18-cv-03537
  • 7:18-cv-03538
  • 7:18-cv-03539
  • 7:18-cv-03540
  • 1:18-cv-04381
  • 1:18-cv-04382
  • 1:18-cv-04383
  • 1:18-cv-04384
  • 1:18-cv-04386
  • 1:18-cv-04387
  • 1:18-cv-04388
  • 1:18-cv-00568
  • 1:18-cv-00569
  • 1:18-cv-00570
  • 1:18-cv-00571
  • 1:18-cv-00572
  • 1:18-cv-00573

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