What is Strike 3 Holdings LLC?


Strike 3 Holdings is a company that produces adult film content.

They have been suing people across the US for copyright infringement for the past few years, accusing defendants of illegally downloading their content, typically using BitTorrent.

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What does the notice from my internet provider, such as Comcast, and Strike 3 Holdings mean?

Did you receive a notice from your Internet Service Provider (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) and a copy of a subpoena from a company called Strike 3 Holdings?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been served with a subpoena and are about to be sued. They are accusing you, or someone in your home or office, of illegally downloading Strike 3 Holding’s adult films, most likely through BitTorrent sharing software.

Essentially, this is a lawsuit accusing you of copyright infringement that is sometimes more embarrassing by the fact that Strike 3 Holdings is accusing you of downloading pornography.

How did Strike 3 Holdings LLC find me if they don’t know my name?

Each internet connection has a unique IP address that is specific to that connection and Strike 3 Holdings was allegedly able to track illegal downloads of their content to your IP address.

Once Strike 3 Holdings has your IP address, they can do a ‘reverse lookup’ and figure out who provides the internet to your home (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, etc.).

After they have both your IP address and your internet provider, Strike 3 Holdings filed a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement and asked a judge for permission to send a subpoena to your internet provider. This subpoena is requesting your name and address.

The notice you received from your internet service provider is letting you know your personal information is being requested. Before they release this information, they send the subpoena notification to you.

What options do I have now against Strike 3 Holdings?

Whether or not you downloaded the content, you’re still going to be sued. At this point as Strike 3 Holdings thinks you did, and the court believes they have enough evidence for the case to proceed.

You now have three options available to you in your Strike 3 Holdings case:

  1. Settle your case out of court
  2. File a Motion to Quash
  3. Fight back in court

What our clients say:

Great lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

I hired Mr. Antonelli for settlement negotiations related to a copyright infringement case. I was quite the mess during my initial consultation given the emotional state I was in. He made sure to reassure me throughout the process. He was very transparent and updated me every step of the way. Outcome of the settlement was very reasonable, and he cut the settlement fee by nearly 50%.



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