What do attorneys do when they get a subpoena from Malibu Media? Hire Antonelli Law.


I am an attorney with approximately twenty years of litigation experience.  I have handled over a thousand cases and have successfully taken many to trial.  A few weeks ago, I received a letter from my internet services provider indicating that Malibu Media had filed an action in Federal Court alleging that someone using my IP address had downloaded and distributed copies of copyrighted pornographic movies. 

My internet services provider further advised me that Malibu Media issued a subpoena seeking to discover my identity so that it could personally name me in the already pending lawsuit.”  

This client’s decision to anonymously settle with Malibu Media

“As you can imagine, the disclosure of my identity would not only cause an enormous amount of personal embarrassment, but would undoubtedly cause serious harm to my professional reputation as the Complaint filed by Malibu Media is a publicly filed document which any person, employer, adversary or potential client could view.  After interviewing numerous attorneys, I chose Jeff Antonelli to be my counsel because he was by far the most knowledgeable, practical, experienced and responsive attorney with whom I had spoken.

From the inception of our attorney-client relationship, Jeff returned each of my telephone calls and responded to each of my emails within hours – a practice uncommon for most attorneys. Within a matter of weeks, Jeff negotiated an anonymous settlement at approximately 50% of the amount originally demanded by Malibu Media

As a result of his aggressive but practical approach, I was able to quickly settle the case and move on with my life without the embarrassment and expense of protracted litigation.  

Significantly, Jeff’s extremely affordable flat fee structure provided me with cost certainty, which is a critical component of any litigation dispute.  If you have the unfortunate experience of being accused of violating copyright laws or being named as a defendant in a lawsuit, I cannot recommend Jeff and his team more highly – and this comes from a seasoned litigation professional who knows the difference between a quality lawyer and someone who is not.”

-Recent Antonelli Law Malibu Media Client

Antonelli Law: Trusted choice for your Malibu Media lawsuit

Whether you want to fight it or settle it, Antonelli Law has helped thousands of clients with an ISP subpoena defense strategy.

This is an ever-changing area of law and we continually follow the latest developments. We understand the technology so are able to better defend you; our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for your Malibu Media case, or click here to schedule your consultation online.



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