Tron Crypto Project Inherits Malibu Media Lawsuits


This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We have handled more than 900 Malibu Media cases over the past seven years, helping each client figure out the best option for their individual situation. We can represent you in your case against Malibu Media. For more information about your subpoena visit our main website’s Malibu Media page.

Malibu Media LLC: Active Filer of Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

BitTorrent was bought late last year by the cryptocurrency project, Tron. Many of the anonymous defendants Malibu Media targets in their lawsuits most likely use BitTorrent software to allegedly illegally download Malibu Media’s adult films. A recent article by Crowdfund Insider says:

“The ‘quiet’ $140 million USD sale prompted a reported exodus from BitTorrent of particularly hardcore ‘file sharing’ and ‘classic crypto’ advocates but Tron founder Justin Sun likely thought the acquisition would lend street cred to Tron, which, a new cryptocurrency network, which rather than being embraced by longtime crypto advocates, has instead been characterized as ‘centralized garbage.’

It is now unclear whether Sun was aware that 2018 was a record year for copyright infringement lawsuits filed against BitTorrent users in the US. BitTorrent is a popular platform that allows users to store and distribute broken up bits of data files that can be retrieved and used as entire files by viewers.

According to reporting at TorrentFreak, 3300 lawsuits were filed against individuals or small groups accused of using BitTorrent to pirate and distribute files.

That number is more than three times the number of accused piracy cases filed in 2017, and it considerably tops the 2887 cases filed in the previous record-setting year of 2015.”

When Faced with a Malibu Media LLC Subpoena, Contact Antonelli Law

Once you receive a subpoena alleging you illegally downloaded Malibu Media’s adult films, you’ll have 30 days or less to decide how you want to handle your case. The ISP Subpoena Defense specialist’s at Antonelli Law can walk you through all of your options and help you decide the best course of action for your specific case.

Antonelli Law understands the technology involved in these cases so they are able to better defend you; our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert. Antonelli Law continually follows the latest developments of this swiftly changing area of law in order to provide the best defense to their clients. We will discuss the three choices you have to handle your case:

  • Anonymously settle your case
  • File a Motion to Quash
  • Prepare to fight it in court

Every case is different and has its own set of circumstances. While some clients may choose to fight in court, others choose to settle anonymously. In order to make the right decision for you, speak with an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist about your Malibu Media case.

Contact an ISP Subpoena Defense specialist today to discuss your Malibu Media case or schedule your free consultation.


Malibu Media LLC v. John Doe:

  • 3:2018cv02042
  • 3:2018cv02043
  • 3:2019cv00213
  • 1:2018cv02909
  • 1:2018cv08435
  • 1:2018cv08436
  • 1:2018cv08437
  • 1:2018cv08438
  • 1:2018cv08439
  • 1:2018cv08440
  • 1:2018cv08441
  • 1:2018cv08442
  • 1:2018cv08443
  • 1:2018cv08444
  • 1:2018cv08445
  • 1:2018cv08451
  • 1:2018cv08452
  • 1:2018cv08453
  • 1:2018cv08454
  • 1:2018cv08455
  • 1:2018cv08456
  • 1:2018cv08457
  • 1:2018cv08458
  • 1:2018cv08459
  • 1:2018cv08460
  • 1:2018cv08461
  • 1:2018cv03870
  • 8:2018cv03871
  • 8:2018cv03872
  • 8:2018cv03873
  • 8:2018cv03874
  • 1:2018cv03875
  • 1:2018cv03876
  • 8:2018cv03877
  • 8:2018cv03878
  • 2:2018cv13864
  • 2:2018cv13908
  • 2:2018cv13909
  • 2:2018cv13910
  • 5:2018cv14034
  • 3:2018cv14035
  • 5:2018cv14036
  • 2:2018cv14037
  • 1:2018cv01384
  • 1:2018cv01385
  • 2:2018cv17326
  • 2:2018cv17328
  • 1:2018cv17330
  • 1:2018cv17331
  • 2:2018cv17332
  • 3:2018cv17367
  • 2:2018cv17368
  • 1:2018cv17369
  • 1:2018cv17370
  • 2:2018cv17373
  • 2:2018cv17425
  • 2:2018cv17426
  • 3:2018cv17427
  • 2:2019cv05691
  • 2:2019cv05693
  • 2:2019cv05698
  • 3:2019cv05701
  • 3:2019cv05705
  • 2:2019cv05707
  • 2:2018cv07157
  • 2:2018cv07159
  • 2:2018cv07161
  • 2:2018cv07158
  • 2:2018cv07160
  • 2:2018cv07162
  • 1:2019cv00950
  • 1:2019cv00951
  • 1:2019cv00952
  • 1:2019cv00953
  • 1:2018cv11787
  • 1:2018cv11788
  • 1:2018cv11789
  • 1:2018cv11790
  • 1:2018cv11791
  • 1:2018cv11792
  • 7:2018cv11793
  • 1:2018cv11794
  • 1:2018cv11881
  • 1:2018cv11882
  • 1:2018cv11883
  • 1:2018cv11884
  • 1:2019cv01504
  • 1:2019cv01505
  • 1:2019cv01508
  • 1:2019cv01509
  • 1:2019cv01510
  • 1:2019cv01511
  • 1:2019cv01513
  • 2:2019cv00120
  • 5:2019cv00126
  • 5:2019cv00119
  • 2:2019cv00124
  • 2:2019cv00125
  • 2:2019cv00127
  • 2:2019cv00123
  • 4:2018cv02361
  • 4:2018cv02362
  • 4:2018cv04762
  • 4:2018cv04763
  • 4:2018cv04765
  • 4:2018cv04766
  • 4:2018cv04767
  • 4:2018cv04769
  • 4:2018cv04771
  • 4:2018cv04785
  • 4:2018cv04786
  • 4:2018cv04782
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  • 4:2018cv04789
  • 4:2019cv00505
  • 4:2019cv00508
  • 4:2019cv00510
  • 4:2019cv00511
  • 4:2019cv00512
  • 4:2019cv00513
  • 4:2019cv00514
  • 4:2019cv00516
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  • 4:2019cv00518
  • 4:2019cv00519
  • 4:2019cv00520
  • 4:2019cv00521
  • 4:2019cv00522
  • 4:2019cv00523
  • 1:2018cv01549
  • 1:2018cv01550
  • 1:2018cv01551
  • 1:2018cv01552
  • 1:2018cv01553







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