Torn Pictures Production Ltd. – Judge Approves 10, not 21 Doe Defendants


Torn Pictures Production Update – Judge Approves 10, not 21 Doe Defendants

Torn Pictures Productions Limited is a company that appeared on the court docket in mid-December 2015 after filing 5 multiple Doe cases in the Northern District of Illinois. These cases targeted a total of 124 Does.

Just last week, the judges in all 5 cases granted the plaintiff’s motion for discovery prior to Rule 26(f) conference. This allows the plaintiff to send subpoenas to the ISPs requesting the account information of the John Doe defendants.

Defendants in these cases will be receiving letters from their ISPs shortly concerning this case and some have already begun to do so. These defendants will be informed that they have a small window of time in which to resolve the case anonymously or file a motion to quash before the ISP will be obligated to turn over their information so that the plaintiff can move forward with its case.

In one of the cases, 1:15-cv-11384, Judge Shadur only granted the motion for discovery on behalf of 10 of the 21 Does in the case. The docket entry does not provide any insight into why he made this decision.

For more information about lawsuits filed by Torn Pictures Productions, call Antonelli Law at 312-201-8310 and speak with one of our attorneys experienced with BitTorrent copyright litigation, or fill out the contact form below to request a convenient time to have a detailed free initial consultation about each of your options. We’re very experienced – we’ve represented more than 1,1000 people targeted by copyright trolls and satellite trolls nationwide.

Cases filed:

Torn Pictures Production v. Does 1-27 1:15-cv-11379
Torn Pictures Production v. Does 1-31 1:15-cv-11380
Torn Pictures Production v. Does 1-25 1:15-cv-11381
Torn Pictures Production v. Does 1-20 1:15-cv-11382
Torn Pictures Production v. Does 1-21 1:15-cv-11384

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