The 3 Things To Know When You’re Being Sued By Strike 3 Holdings


Are you being sued by Strike 3 Holdings? You’re not alone. In fact, thousands have been sued by Strike 3 Holdings across the nation over the course of the past few years. They accuse defendants of illegally downloading their adult film content using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent. These lawsuits can lead to steep fines that can leave defendants in financial ruin. If you’re one of the many being targeted in a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit there are a few things you should know.

3 things to know when Strike 3 Holdings is suing you

  1. You may have limited time to act– You typically have 30 days to act before your name is released by your ISP to Strike 3 Holdings, in which case they can amend the lawsuit to include your name instead of “John Doe”.
  2. Each case is unique– Every case has its own unique circumstances. During your consultation with an attorney, you can discuss the specifics of your lawsuit to find out if there’s an option best suited to your case.
  3. You have three options– Your three options are to settle anonymously, file a motion to quash the lawsuit, or fight your case in court.

How we can help when you’re being sued by Strike 3 Holdings

Our law firm is highly experienced with these cases and we can go through specifics during your free consultation. We’ll walk you through each option so you feel informed and confident moving forward. When you choose us to represent you, we’ll fight tirelessly until your case is resolved completely and your life is back to normal.

To schedule a consultation with Antonelli Law for free and discuss why you’re being sued by Strike 3 Holdings call 312-201-8310 or click here.

This is a blog dedicated to updates on copyright infringement cases. We’ve represented over 700 Strike 3 Holdings clients across the US since 2017, and are America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm; we can represent you in your case. For more information about handling your subpoena visit our main website page for Strike 3 Holdings


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